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1411920cookie-checkGTA 5 Online Money Glitch For Patch 1.28 Discovered
22 July 2015
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GTA 5 Online Money Glitch For Patch 1.28 Discovered

YouTubers work quick and Rockstar seems to stay on their tail publishing new patches to fix the glitches as often as Gawker publishes smut for click-bait. The latest GTA 5 Online Money Glitch still sees gamers finding ways to duplicate cars. It’s not a solo glitch so you’ll need a friend to help you. The new duplication glitch works for GTA V on the PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

First up, make sure you own a garage with no apartment attached and all the slots are full. It doesn’t matter which garage it is, just so long as an apartment is not attached to it. Once you have a friend with you, send an invite to an “impromptu” race. Your friend needs to spam the accept button where it says “Do you want to accept the impromptu race?” Drive up to just about three feet away from the garage and then accept the invite. You should smack into the garage and the countdown should begin. After a few seconds, a second car will spawn. You can see it in action in the video below from Pelly Trolls.

After the car duplicates you take it to the Los Santos Customs and add a tracker to the car and replace one of the cars in your garage that’s full. You’ll now have two of the same cars. The dupe works best for cars that are very expensive.

You might notice that it’s actually a visual tutorial instead of a text tutorial. The reason for this is because Rockstar has been cracking down on YouTubers posting GTA V glitches for the GTA Online mode, especially infinite money glitches and car duplication glitches like the one above. Rockstar’s recent 1.28 patch broke some of the mods on PC, so console gamers are sort of getting a leg up in being able to play GTA Online with an infinite money glitch.

It probably won’t take long for Rockstar to patch out this glitch, but my question is: how long will it be before Rockstar starts going after content creators on Daily Motion?

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