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14 November 2015

How To Get Screws Quickly At The Beginning Of Fallout 4

For those that are looking for screws in the PC, Xbox One or PS4 version of Fallout 4, and have problems with keeping up with the consumption of them in the beginning, there is a place to get a nice bundle of screws to help out with your crafting needs. According to YouTuber XxSgtKillerxX, you can find a load of Giddyup Buttercups containing screws in Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ.

Depending on how you play and what you craft depends on how many screws are used in your progression in the wasteland. For those that have been playing for a long time probably stumbled across Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ. But for those who just started off and need screws to build whatever they need, there is a place for that.

The video shows the location of the toy corporate HQ, which is quite far from the Boston Police Rationing Site and just north-east of the Police Rationing Site. Once you get to Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ, you will need to clear out some of the enemies around the area, which can be dangerous if you are just starting out.

When you make it in the toy HQ, you will see a load of Giddyup Buttercup toys scattered around. A full Buttercup toy will contain three gears, five steel, four springs and four screws. The back and front legs contain two springs, one steel, and two gear, meaning they have no screws. The body holds two pieces of steel, two springs, and two screws. And lastly, the head contains two pieces of steel and two pieces of springs, with no screws.

You can watch the video below showing the location of Wilson Atomatoys Corporate HQ, and how to loot the building of screws, courtesy of XxSgtKillerxX.

Another method for looking for screws, the Scrapper perk allows wastelanders to get rare materials from breaking down guns as well as screws. You can also get more screws and copper from Pipe pistols that are commonly found around the wasteland.

Fallout 4 is available now for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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