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1411560cookie-checkFallout 4 Baseball Statue Glitch Lets You Level Up Super Fast
1 December 2015
2 min read

Fallout 4 Baseball Statue Glitch Lets You Level Up Super Fast

There is yet another XP glitch that allows you to level up quickly and fast in Fallout 4. This level-up glitch involves copper, the duplication glitch, the Picket Fence magazine, and a baseball statue to get really fast levels. This glitch works for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

Getting straight into the meat, you will need to go to the east of Medford Memorial Hospital to Saurgus Ironworks and defeat all the enemies in the building, which lead you to the Blast Furnace. After beating the boss in the room if you haven’t already, then you will need to get the Picket Fence magazine on the top of the catwalk floor underneath the red steamer.

This magazine will allow you to make statues, which will be essential to this glitch. Now all you need is copper to make the baseball statues. To get a big batch of copper, folks will find a batch of the material from KL-E-O from Goodneighbor or from Arturo in Diamond City. After getting the desired amount of copper, you will need to go to a settlement of yours to do the duplication glitch, which involves you putting all of your My Junk into another box so that the copper is the only thing that you will have in your workshop.

The tricky thing about the duplication glitch is the timing, which will have you hovering over the copper in the My Junkpile and quickly pressing Y (store all) and X (take all) on Xbox One, which would be Triangle (store all) and Square (take all) on PS4. You can watch Outside The Box perform the glitch below.

After getting the copper to a good amount — so you won’t run out during the baseball statue glitch — you will need to then fill your settlement size near max with one slot left open. After that go into workshop mode and go to decorations, which should lead you to the baseball statue. Place the statue down and scrap it with A and X for Xbox One, and X and Square for PS4. Keep rinsing and repeating the method of putting the baseball statue down and scrapping it to get some mad XP.

For those that need a video guide on this Fallout 4, Outside The Box brings us another part of the Fallout 4 glitch as seen below.

And that’s basically it to this Fallout 4 glitch. The first part will be simple for those that already cleared Saurgus Ironworks, and if you already got the Picket Fence magazine then all you have to do is the duplication Fallout 4 glitch with the copper. Once you are done with that you can start spamming down and scrapping the baseball statue to get unlimited XP.