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15 January 2016

Gone Home Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

There’s not much to the game Gone Home as far as gameplay goes. It’s an exploration walking simulator and it doesn’t take long to beat, but for people who need help getting through it from start to finish or just watch someone walk through a house for an hour and a half.

Gone Home recently became available for PS4 and Xbox One and there’s a playthrough from TheApexHound that takes gamers through each room and each clue and each journal entry. You can see it below.

At the start, in order to get into the house at the beginning you’ll need to get the spare key from under the Christmas duck on the porch.

Once inside it’s just a matter of finding journal entries scattered about the house to progress. There is no combat, there are no monsters, there are no pop-out scares or anything that would put you in danger. You just have to walk and explore… hence the categorization of Gone Home being a walking simulator.

The main objective is to get into the attic. The attic is locked.

If you head into the recreational room with the sewing machine on the second floor, there’s a note from Sam explaining that there’s a hidden passageway in the library. The passageway is on the right side of the room at the very back. You can slip through to find a map that explains where another hidden compartment is in the house.

The second hidden panel is in the hallway at the base of the wall just down the hall from the library. If you remove the panel you’ll be able to pick up half of Sam’s locker key combination.

The third hidden compartment is upstairs directly outside of Sam’s room. The panel is at the base of the floor. The second half of the combination is in the secret compartment.

The combination for the locker is: 0501

Inside the locker is a key to the basement.

There’s a couple of letters that you can read that will activate some narration from Sam. There’s a safe in the basement through one of the hallways. The code to the safe is: 1963

The last secret panel is in the main foyer. It’s next to a bookshelf on the right side of the steps. Inside the secret panel there’s an attic key. Once you walk through the attic you’ll get to a letter on a night stand and the game ends.

It’s like Life is Strange but without the Donnie Darko bits.

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