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1411292cookie-checkGTA 5 Two-Player Mod Enables A Second Person To Join The Action

GTA 5 Two-Player Mod Enables A Second Person To Join The Action

If you wanted to play two-player co-op on the same computer, there’s now a mod for that. GTA V has been on the receiving end of a lot of innovative mods, but this latest script enables a second Xbox 360 controller or compatible USB gamepad to be used so that a second person can pick up the controller and start playing as a spawned character in GTA V.

Designed by user benjamin94, the TwoPlayerMod script is exactly as it sounds. As described on

“Spawns a second player which can be controlled with any USB Gamepad. When using a Xbox controller you don’t have to do the configuration part. You can start right away.”

You can get a demonstration briefly of how the mod works with YouTuber TheJairovY offering a look at how the mod can be disabled and enabled on the fly for drop-in and drop-out gameplay.

Installing the script is pretty simple, it’s a basic copy and paste job into the GTA V script folder. You will need to use the .NET ScriptHook 2.5.1 or higher to make use of the mod. And given that it uses the xinput dll support it’s pretty much plug-in-play compatible with Microsoft’s Xbox controllers.

According to benjamin94 he doesn’t have much time to continue tweaking it but he has made it available as an open-source project over on Github.

If someone was able to make a viable split-screen mod out of this then it would be perfect. Right now it’s a shared screen modification but some form of two-player is better than none. I imagine this would be fairly useful for drive-by situations or bank heists, or sticking up convenience stores and outrunning the cops for a bit. This could also work well for machinima if you have a second person around and you need them to perform very specific actions for a movie.

You can download the mod right now from over on

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