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Samorost 3 First World Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

Developer Amanita Design recently came around with the third game for Samorost. This point and click game follows a strange character in a weird world, with tricky puzzles sprinkled throughout. If you have trouble exploring the first world and figuring out the puzzles in the cosmic traveling game, it’s worth noting that the PC game is quite simple to get through.

When you start off and make it in-game, you will be greeted with the control scheme. After following the control scheme and getting the flute/trumpet near your house, head right to a section with a control switch and a pit. Access the control panel near the left pole to start the first puzzle.

While operating the switch move the left switch to the top, while the right switch is four notches down from the top. Wind the rope/ledge over the pit by pressing the button at the bottom. After the ledge is near you, move the left switch down and press the button so that it rams the ledge into the opposite (right) pole to weaken it. Rinse and repeat this around three times to break the pole structure to turn it into a bridge.

YouTuber SwingPoynt has a complete walkthrough of the first world in Samorost 3, which you can view below.

The next part will involve you using the flute/trumpet on the fallen tree near a strange-looking creature to the right of the map. Drag the flute/trumpet on the tree and ghost mushroom should start dancing, after the creature eats the mushroom go to the tree stump at the bottom right and do the second puzzle.
The second puzzle will grant you a knife which consist of you having to match two or three cards together to create an animated event.

The first step will involve you having to put the archer card behind the pig. Roast the pig in the fire by putting the fire card in front. Place the cooked pig behind the two guys in the tent to feed them the first meal.

The second meal consists of feeding the deer/mouse the mushroom by putting the mushroom in front. Have the archer shoot the deer/mouse so that you can cook it and then place it behind the two guys in the tent to feed them again.

The third method consists of having the elephant drink from the pond while the two spearman are chasing it. The elephant will drown and the spearman will kill it. Cook the elephant so that you can feed the two guys in the tent the third meal.

The fourth and the last puzzle is to have the fisherman hook the mushroom to the rod so that you can cook it using the fire. Put the pond in front of the fisherman with the cooked bait so that you can catch a fish instead of a monster thing. Cook the fish and then give it to the two guys in the tent to complete the puzzle and to get the knife.

After getting the knife, head to the far left until you see an onion plant. Play your flute on the onion to see that it’s a spaceship. Go down and left until you see an old man working on a bench. Cut the plastic bottle after playing your flute on it. Give the plastic bottle head to the old man so that you can get the first part to your spaceship. While here, you can also ride the deer by hiding in the cave to get a cosmic antler puzzle piece.

After this, get your tub and stool on the first floor in your house and bring it back to the old man. The last piece to your spaceship is the control panel near the left pole near the pit with the first puzzle.
This will show a cut-scene of you building the ship and flying into space. From here, you are out in space and done with the first part of the game.

You can get this game for $19.99 over on Steam. If you want to learn more about this point and click game, you can hit up Samorost‘s official site.

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