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Fallout 4: How To Find Unique Weapons And Armor In Far Harbor DLC

Fallout 4′s DLC is out now and has loads of new weapons and armor sets to find. Instead of making multiple guides on how to get some pretty simple and straight forward gear, folks in need will be able to find Hitman’s Overcharged Rifle, The Striker, December Child, The Radical Conversion and many other rare weapons like the unique Admiral’s Friend. All of these special weapons and armor can be found on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

To make it easy, folks will be able to find the weapon or armor that they are looking for by reading a brief description on how to get it, which will be followed by a in-depth video by various veterans of Fallout 4.

The first set of weapons and armor is by Hey I’m StarLord, who shows how to get the Hitman’s Overcharged Rifle in the Far Harbor DLC. After taking up the Arrival quest and killing a certain trapper, you will be reward with a special synth item that will grant you the Institute’s laser rifle, by simply turning in the Synth item to a person named Chase.

This weapon is quite simple to get. Head to the location Echo Lake Lumber and search the building. Head to the top of the house until you see a steamer trunk next to a window holding The Harvester.

To get the unique weapon The Striker, head to Beaver Creek Lanes. Head through the bawling lane building and go through a hole in the wall. Directly across from a terminal should be The Striker that should have a modified bowling ball next to it.

To get the December Child, head to Vim! Pop Factory. Enter the main lobby of the HQ and go to a theater room with a hole in the wall. Go to the Vim! Factory Floor and head to a terminal that calls for an elevator. Head up the elevator and talk to KYE 1.1. Once you get KYE 1.1 to open the door, you will find the December Child near a sink.

Next is Atoms Judgement. This unique melee weapon can be found by completing the first Children of Atom’s quest that leads into What Atom Requires. This will bring you to the Heretic quest that will have you searching for the Heretic’s holotape journal. Convince the Heretic to come back and join the Children of Atom again. After doing so, Grand Zealot Richter should reward you the weapon Atoms Judgement.

The Radical Conversion weapon can be obtained by completing the introductory quest for the Children of Atom, and talking to random people around the base. This will activate a quest from a vendor named Mai entitled Ablutions. The item you will need to get is a Pump Regulator in the Vim! Pop factory, which is in an office on a desk. Give Mai the item and she will reward you with The Radical Conversion.

After completing the mission A Vision In The Fog, you will need to take up the quest what Atom Requires. Go talk to the High Confessor to gain information on the quest. After that, talk to Aubert who will send you on a quest to find the truth. Obtain a note and give it to the High Confessor to get the unique helmet the Inquisitors Cowl.

The next video is by DemonAsylum. This video shows how to get the Recon Marine Helmet, which is pretty simple if you’ve glitched in the past, or saved up your caps. Brooks sells the helmet for 1,000,000 caps in Far Harbor, you can see if the stats are worth the price below.

The next video is by CamelWorks, showing how to get the leaked Harpoon Gun that was shown last year. Now official, it is very simple to get. Head to Far Harbor and talk to Allen to buy the gun… and that’s basically it. You can also buy the new weapon the Fish Catcher too, which both can be viewed below.

And that’s it so far. I’m sure more rare or unique weapons and armor are stationed ahead somewhere in the new DLC, which guides will arrive sometime soon. Far Harbor  for Fallout 4 is out now and available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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