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26 July 2016

Human Fall Flat Gameplay Walkthrough

No Brake Games and Curve Digital’s Human Fall Flat has turned out to be a rather popular game, featuring physics-based puzzles and mind-numbing challenges. For some gamers who might find themselves getting stuck, a few video walkthrough guides are available for each level, offering gamers a little bit of help and hints to overcome the hardships.

For the first level, it’s a basic tutorial stage, featuring a basic idea of how to play the game. After you beat the first tutorial stage you end up in in what appears to be a destroyed train station. At the start of the level you simply move the objects out of the way from the doorway. You can see how you complete the basic puzzles with the video below from Niflick

After moving things out of the way and jumping across the train cars you just head through the door to move onto the next level.

The train stage includes putting boxes on the switches to keep the doors open. After you get past the first elevator and you move into the room with the second elevator, move the train car to the far right and bring the box up using the elevator. Put the box on top of the train car and then move the car over to the left. You then move the box off the car and onto the switch to open the door. Head back up the elevator to walk through the door and exit the stage.

The Canyon Level simply requires climbing up the rocks and platforming up the cliff edge. It’s more of traditional climbing and platforming than the previous puzzle oriented segments. After you climb to the top of the cliff, drag the train car over to the ledge and then climb up to the top. You can use the rope by the tree to swing across to the other side. There’s also a cave but there’s nothing important inside.

Head up the cliff side toward the building to get to the exit.

The next stage is the Construction Level.

The stage can be tricky if you’re not sure what to do. After you hold down the lever and smash the wall down, you can simply take the fire extinguisher and break the glass and hop out.

Head through the debris and use the wrecking ball to swing around to the other side. Get inside the crane with the wrecking ball and break down the wall just in front of the crane on the right side. You can see how to do it with the video below.

Jump to the other side and flip the lever to create a platform. Grab the box and break the glass and place it on the floor switch to open the next door.

Pull the beams out from under the platform until it falls down and creates a ramp. Take one of the beams and put it behind the lever to force the door to stay open.

After you get across the platform to the next room. Get to the top of the platform, open the door, let the boulders fall; grab a boulder and smash down the wall to get to he next side. There’s a series of platforming puzzles you have to get through until you get to a room with a glass floor and a lever underneath. You have to put the red plank on the forklift, climb up to the top of the platform and grab the yellow beam and drop it through the glass. Flip the lever to open the door, use the swing to break through the glass and get to the next level.

In the castle stage, after you break the lock you can use the plank to wedge it between the bars and then force the bars open to squeeze through. You’ll need to proceed to the catapult and use the rocks to break down the castle wall.

Head inside the castle, push the cart with the stone block on it toward the broken stairs. Climb up, hop over and open the door and take the cart with the stone on it with you.

Use the cart to jump up on top of the roof and then swing across the lanterns to get to the other side and open the door. Drag the cart with the large stone slab on it toward the planks. Platform up and over to the next segement where there’s a hook. Use the hook to latch it onto the ledge and then swing across to the other side.

Use the hook to pull the plank down to create a ramp. You can then head up to the top and climb over the wall and go across the bridge. Climb up the ledge, grab the lantern and swing across the platform. Use the windmill to swing across to the next island. Climb up to the top of the area where there’s a covering over a hole. Remove the wooden covering to expose the hole.

To complete the Castle Level, after you fall down into the hole, you have to climb up the rocks, push the boulder down so it knocks a ledge over for you to climb up. You have to proceed to do some platforming and then move over to the next segment. You’ll need to use the catapult to shoot yourself over to the drawbridge. Hang onto the bridge to drag it down and then either climb up the gate to climb through the hole or use the catapult to shoot yourself through the small hole in the gate. You can see how it works with the video below from YouTuber eMBeaR.

The Water Level requires you to row the boat across the islands until you get to the structure with a speed boat on the island. Head up to the top of the mountain. Use the lever to bring the lift up to the mountain and when the lift gets to the top, you can attach the chain attached to the dam to the lift. After the chain is hooked to the lift press the lever again and the lift will rip the dam apart and the little inflatable raft can be used to ride down the mountain.

Once you get the watermill activated the gate for the exit will open up on the island where the speed boat is stationed. Simply climb up and get inside to head to the next level.

The last level is the Power Plant level.

You start by stopping the fan by blocking it with the wooden beam.

Grab the two red and blue cords from the first room and plug them into the red and blue sockets into the second room. You have to then proceed to plug the cords from the battery into the power cord in the third room.

Unplug the battery and drag it into the fourth room and push the battery onto the floor switch to open the door. You’ll have to climb up the wall and get onto the conveyor belt, run and jump onto the platform with the box on it. Move the box onto the floor switch to open the door. You’ll see how you need to get through the segment with the video below from YouTuber Niflick.

After you power up the door in the next room head into the room with the forklift and push it toward the door and use the forklift to raise the door.

Nic skips some of the puzzles by climbing over the wall and getting into the truck.

You have to drive the truck over to the second Power Plant and then head to the back lot where there are three tanks with coal. You’ll need to make sure each tank is full. Between the thriller pillars and the building there’s an underground area with a torch. Grab the torch and head to the three tanks with the coal. Use the torch on the coals in the tank to light them up.

If you head up to the coal mine you’ll need to fill up the dump truck with coal and take the truck back to the three tanks and fill them up with coal until they’re overloaded. This will cause the fans inside the nuclear pillars to power up, giving them enough strength to blast you up to the top of the pillars where you’ll need to jump across to each one until you get to the final pillar where you’ll jump inside and it will finish the game.

Human Fall Flat is available right now on Steam and other participating digital distributors for $14.99.

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