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3 November 2016

Here’s How To Build A Proper Engine In My Summer Car

It seems as if a lot of people are really trying to figure out how to build a car in My Summer Car, and are searching for how to make a working engine in the game. As of now My Summer Car is out for PC, and is currently running for $14.99 on Steam Early Access.

In case you are new and didn’t read up on Here’s How To Build A Working Car In My Summer Car, then you are probably in need of some help with trying to get your engine working in your car.

Alright, before jumping into a written guide, I think it’s best that newcomers watch a video below by YouTuber The English Gamer. The video goes over how to build a car engine, and how to place an engine inside a car.

Starting things off, you will need to install the Crankshaft and the Crankshaft Bearings. You will need to follow that up by putting in the Engine Plate. This now calls for you to turn your attention to installing the Flyhwheel and the Clutch.

Follow the above instruction with putting in the Pistons, but remember to tighten the bolts from the bottom. Next you will need to install the Oil Filter and tighten it, and then assemble the Cylinder Head.

Furthermore, you will need to install the Rocker Shaft and then install the Spark Plugs (remember to tighten them too). If you do not have a blown Gasket then that is good, because you will need a working Head Gasket so that you can move on and install the whole Cylinder Head to the block.

After installing the Camshaft, install the Camshaft Gear. Follow this up with installing the Timing Chain so that you can put in the Timing Cover. Be sure not to forget to install the Crankshaft Gear and the Water Pump.

Making sure that you have the Water Pump Pully installed you need to install the Distributor, too. Once you are done with putting in the Fuel Pump, fit the Oil Pan in and install the Headers and Carburetor.

You can now use the lifter to access the Gearbox under your Engine, which make sure everything is tighten and screwed in once done with the Gearbox and Engine. Now you can install the Drive Gear and the Starter.

And now you are done!

If you need more help with assembling your engine and getting your car to start there is a guide by F!re that I think may help you out, which is posted on Steam’s Community page.

My Summer Car is out now for PC and runs for $14.99. You can either get the game over on Steam, or you can hit up the main site for more info.

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