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28 December 2016

Force Of Nature: How To Trap And Tame Animals

One of the newest survival games on Steam is A.Y.Std’s Force of Nature, the isometric castaway game where players have to gather supplies, hunt for food, kill goblins and tame animals. For gamers having a bit of a rough go at the game and need help in how to tame animals in Force of Nature, hopefully this taming guide will help you out.

After you get your bearings and hash out the basic gameplay mechanics with gathering items, making fire and making weapons, you’ll need to be able to craft the necessary gear to capture and tame animals.

YouTuber Luxi Gaming has a 19 minute guide showcasing how to tame animals that you can check out below.

A large part of the early goings of the video is just crafting the basics; an anvil, a blast furnace, and traps.

In order to make a trap, you’ll need 2x ropes and 4x sticks to make a trap, along with any kind of knife.

After crafting the traps, there’s a line-of-sight reticle that will appear at the top of the screen with a green line in the center. The line represents where the trap will fall.

You can only trap and tame the following animals:
• Pig
• Cow (gives milk)
• Goat (gives milk)
• Chicken (gives eggs)
• Rooster (gives feathers)
• Sheep (gives wool)

Throw the trap when the animal is at the tip of the green line; when you’re close to an animal click on the tame button that pops up while it’s underneath the trap.

Once you successfully tame an animal, the net that has the animal trapped will disappear and the animal will follow you around. When you click on the animal you’ll be able to feed the animal if you have the proper resources.

Different animals will require different food. You’ll likely want to build a well first so that you’ll be able to give your tamed animal some water when they get thirsty.

Force of Nature is available right now for only $7.99 over on the Steam store. So if you don’t already have a copy you know where to get one. Surprisingly, the game is already out and is not in Early Access, but the developers have continued to keep the survival-adventure RPG updated on a regular basis.

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