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26 February 2017

WWE 2K17: How To Install PC Mods

2K Games’ annual WWE games have become quite popular now that they’ve been releasing them each year on PC. The latest game to arrive on computer is WWE 2K17, and as usual the modders have already begun working on some fantastic mods for the game. For gamers interested in adding the mods to the game but don’t know how, this guide might be able to help you out.

YouTuber Curb Stomp City put together a quick tutorial on how to install the mods for WWE 2K17, so those of you who may have downloaded the new CM Punk mod or Brock Lesnar mod can load ’em up without any problems. You can check out the video tutorial below.

So before you start installing mods, first you’ll need to download the following files:
1 – Cheat Engine
2 – Chunk Cache
3 – WWE 2K17 String File
4 – WWE 2K17 Memory Sheet

So first up, download the chunk cache and unzip it into your WWE 2K17 folder, which should be located at:C:SteamSteamappsCommonWWE2K17

Next up, unzip the string file into the pac sub-folder located in the main WWE 2K17 directory.

You’ll need to replace both those files. It’s a one time thing to have to go through that process.

Now if you have a wrestler you plan on installing, they usually start with “ch”. The numbers proceeding it in the file name relate to the profile slot, and if it ends in “02” it means in-ring attire while “04” means entrance attire.

Copy the wrestler character files from the mod zip and paste them into the “ch” sub-folder located through the “pac” sub-folder. So all wrestler files should be copied and pasted into: C:SteamSteamappsCommonWWE2K17PacCh

Now enter into WWE 2K17 and wait for it to load into the main menu after it’s loaded your main saved game. From there, open up the cheat engine menu and open up the WWE 2K17 memory sheet.

In the memory sheet, find the character profile hex number in the memory sheet – it should be the same as the profile number in the file name of the wrestler mod you downloaded. Copy the profile start hex.

Open up the memory view in Cheat Engine for WWE 2K17. Click on file, click on load memory region, and open up the character mod you downloaded. When the file opens, another small window will pop up and you’ll need to paste in the profile hex code you copied from the memory sheet. Click the “Edit” button and the window tab should refresh. Once it refreshes click “Ok” to close out the dialogue box.

Head back into the memory sheet and on the same line where you copied the profile, scroll over under the Moveset Hex column and copy the code. Head back into the Cheat Engine and open a file for the memory region and load in the modded character’s moveset. Paste in the moveset hex code and click “Edit” and then click “Ok”.

Next up, you’ll need to save your game, so go into the Edit Superstars menu and make any change to any superstar and then press the space bar to save the game.

Once you do that, scroll down and you should find your new modded wrestler in the superstar menu. Congratulations, you just modded WWE 2K17.

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