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1445650cookie-checkCygames Releases Uma Musume: Pretty Derby First Gameplay Trailer
25 March 2017

Cygames Releases Uma Musume: Pretty Derby First Gameplay Trailer

A new project that will gain an anime, manga and game comes Uma Musume: Pretty Derby. P.A. Works is said to be in charge of animating the anime, while Lantis and Toho Animation will be in charge of producing the anime, leaving Cygames to work on the game version which will be a mobile title for iOS and Android devices.

According to publication site Anime News Network, the site uncovered that during the AnimeJapan 2017 event on Saturday, the upcoming project named Uma Musume: Pretty Derby will receive an anime, manga and video game.

Yes, now I know that the game or idea behind Musume: Pretty Derby is pretty strange and out there for some people, but you got to give it to the devs in that they are trying something different yet familiar like the old Virgin Interactive’s Battle Jockey.

The anime is said to drop at a later date according to the publication site, but if you are curious and wish to see some of the animated version of the project you can check it out below.

As for the manga version, which will go by the name of Starting Gate! -Uma Musume Pretty Derby-, is currently out now via Cygames Cycomi manga website on Saturday. The manga is illustrated by S.Koisugi, which you can check out by hitting up

The game is said to be in development and will be for mobile devices like iOS and Android platforms. The game will include activities like training, lessons, racing and live concerts.

The player will take up the role of both teacher and trainer for the girls that are in the Nihon Uma Musme Training Center Gakuen. You can get a glimpse of the game below, thanks to CygamesChannel.

Uma Musume: Pretty Derby is currently set to come out for mobile devices.

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