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22 May 2017

Dead Cells Guide: Here’s How To Find Secret Rooms And Blueprints

Dead Cells holds a lot of secrets, hidden rooms and items, some of which are not easy to locate and find. Hopefully if you are stuck trying to find some of these rooms and items this guide will help you out. Motion Twins’ Dead Cells is out now for PC via Steam Early Access.

Secrets in some games can be helpful and other times they stand to be on the line of Easter eggs that are more novelty than useful. However, there are some secrets in Dead Cells that are handy and offer useful stuff like blueprints to help you further along in the game.

Before proceeding onward there is a player guide that helps find secret blueprints by nS^. The guide is comprised of screenshots or images of the blueprints sprawled around the game’s world and can be seen over on nS^’s Steam guide page.

As for visual guides showing secrets, hidden rooms and other items that are hard to find, three video sit below covering how to find secrets in Dead Cells. The first video by YouTuber Madismas is the longest out of the three and runs for four minutes and a half, you can check it out below.

The second video covers the secret room challenge more in-depth, which is also featured in the above video. The challenge is prompted once a player enters through the portal/room and calls for all enemies to be dispatched without the player taking any damage within one minute and 50 seconds. The completion of the challenge to the secret area can be seen below by Doncuco.

Additionally, if you need help in how to discover all the cool blueprints for making some top notch weapons in Dead Cells, there’s actually another video guide available that covers many of the areas where you can locate those weapon blueprints. Check it out below.

Lastly, a secret blueprint hidden behind a wall can be located in a video guide by YouTuber Goose. Although it only runs for 25 seconds the video seems to be received well so far.

Dead Cells is currently out for PC via Steam Early Access. For more information on this game you can head on over to its official website.

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