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Everspace Beginner’s Guide: Learning The Basics, Earning Money And Perks

Looking for a newbie guide to learn some of the basics in Rockfish Games’ Everspace? If so, this guide for beginners covers some of the core features for players who have just started out, as well as learning how to make money in Everspace. The space rogue-like game is out now for PC on Steam and GOG.

Notice: This guide is not for veterans of Everspace or folks who are superb at space simulators, but for newcomers and people who are new to the space sim genre. The guide is not intended to explain anything other than beginner tips (that includes a perk overview) and how to make money in Everspace.

If you want to learn some tips and tricks pertaining to Everspace, you can read a written guide by Raziel01 that is over on Steam. The guide almost lists everything found in the two guide videos featured below.

Furthermore, the first video in this beginner’s guide comes in as a basic starter tutorial that aims to help newcomers by laying down basic tips and tricks. The video runs close to nine minutes, clocking in at eight minutes and 40 seconds in total. The video below is by YouTuber SquidofLove and is up for your viewing pleasure.

Next up comes how to make cash or earning credits. Earning money is very important when currency is used as a means to purchase, repair and keep your ship going, especially when you are relying on your ship to do almost everything. If you want to learn how to earn cash in an efficient way YouTuber Little Eagle Gaming has a video dedicated to that very subject.

If you need to look over the perks that are in Everspace, a nice guide by FireWaran that is up on Steam can be viewed by visiting the given link.

More information on Everspace can be found by heading over to Lastly, you can get the game for $29.99 on Steam or GOG.

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