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Super Mario 64 Maker Now Available For Download

The rule still applies here, big companies aren’t bringing back their popular games that are creative for gamers to play, so instead gamers are taking available tools and assets to make popular franchises live on for years to come. The above applies to the newly fan-made project Super Mario 64 Maker, in which the new game is available for download for PC right now.

Fan-made games have been popping up left and right all the time, but it seems as if these fan-made games or projects are a lot smarter than before in that the development is as quiet as ever, meaning that they can release a finished project to the public to consume before a C&D can hit them, and Super Mario 64 Maker is no exception to that rule.

Before the “Big N” shuts the whole thing down, making it equivalent to nothing, download links and a tutorial video on how to get the project to work can be seen below.

Here’s How To Download Super Mario 64 Maker

Here are the download links to Super Mario 64 Maker:, If the two links do not work and you are in search of a way to make the fan-made game run properly, a video tutorial by Kaze Emanuar can be seen below.

Early work of the project sits below, which garnered some popular YouTubers to comment on the progress and development of Super Mario 64 Maker, which should come in as no surprise given that the “Big N” and its competitors aren’t doing anything on a 3D level like that of Kaze Emanuar.

Lastly, I do suggest that you act fast and download this fan-made project before Nintendo sends a C&D letter, so that you can make your very own Super Mario 64 levels and share them with friends or strangers alike to play, much like the most recent release of Mega Man Maker.

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