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26 October 2017

Adventure Escape Starstruck Gameplay Walkthrough

For some reason Haiku Games’ Adventure Escape Starstruck is a popular new game that really took off with mobile gamers. It centers around a popular actress who goes missing, leaving it up to a certain detective Kate Grey to track her down. The point-and-click adventure game has been racking up quite a bit of interest among mobile gamers, especially those looking for a guided gameplay walkthrough.

Well, YouTuber sonic0ring has a complete gameplay walkthrough available from start to finish for Adventure Escape Starstruck that you can check out below.

The first couple of minutes centers around just getting the tutorial phase out of the way, as well as how to use the cash shop, and get hints for some of the puzzles.

The very first puzzle requires you to place a camera on the tripod and then input the proper code to unlock it. The code for the camera is: 52174

Next you’ll need to get the cake, which is inside the box. Grab the string, and use the deflated balloon on the helium tank, and then use the string on the balloon and then attach the balloon to the chair.

Grab the three pigeons and then place them around the patio as they’re depicted in the picture.

Match up the image of the scene the way it’s depicted in the image below.


Use the dials on the right side to match up color grading as it’s depicted in the image. Also, make sure the pigeons are facing in the appropriate direction as they appear in the image above, along with making sure the balloons are in the right order.

Once you complete that segment the man-nerd will give you the key to the movie trailer.

Inside the trailer you’ll need to get the three nail polish bottles, one of which is on the beauty counter while another is located inside the cabinet next to the table.

You’ll then have to rearrange all the nail polish bottles until they’re in the correct order. Have each row of bottles aligned as they appear in the image below.


The nail polish should go from light to darkest from left to right, corresponding each row with the appropriate color grade.

For the next puzzle you’ll have to figure out the proper makeup order based on a cryptic set of symbols.


So for the nail polish it’s bottle 58.
For the mascara it’s 20.
And the lipstick is 41.

Use the numbers to open the door using the code: 582041

Use the key to open the fridge to get the muffin; put the muffin in the microwave and heat it up. Take the muffin back to the other room and place it in the doggie bowl.

You’ll next have to count the coffee, the boots, and the hair dryer. You’ll find the charger for the tablet under the pink chair. Plug the charger into the tablet, and then open the blind to access the paper that has a yoga symbol on it.

The code to access the tablet is a numerical combination of all the different symbols on the pieces of paper you’ve picked up around the trailer. So the code for the tablet is: 5139.

That will complete Chapter 1 for Adventure Escape Starstruck.

The second chapter requires you to acquire the red and blue magnifying glasses, the black statue and the red broom.

Open up the numerical puzzle board place both of the magnifying glasses on their respective sides.

The objective of the puzzle is to match up the number of red and/or blue nodes with the corresponding numbers on the board. So if it’s the number six, you need to place two of the magnifying glasses over the number six since the red glasses have three nodes each. As indicated in the image below.


You can’t place the exact same node on top of each other, the nodes have to be visible, as indicated with the number seven, which has a red magnifying glass with three nodes and a blue magnifying glass with four nodes.

Once you complete that puzzle you’ll be able to enter into the next room. Use the broom to get the red and blue gems from behind the corner in the cupboard hole.

Get the rack from in the hole and use it on the sand to get the purple gem.

Go into the next room and use the broom to get the orange gem on the top shelf. There’s also a green gem on the shelf.

Next, you’ll need to select the proper yoga poses on the sheet to enter the room. The newspaper will have the proper animals you’ll need to select. This translates to the: Cobra, Turtle, Pigeon.

Get the towel in the next room, open the door and take the fire poker from the closet. Take the two gems in the room – one of which you’ll need the fire poker to retrieve from the fireplace.

Place all the gems onto the Buddhist statue in the back.

You’ll need to input the proper code to open the safe in the yoga room. The numerical codes are associated with the gem-like flowers on the wall in the next room. They’ll have a certain number of petals on them and that will correspond with the safe dial. The code should be: 12, 6, and 2.

Move the thermos and take the black yoga statue. Go back into the previous room and place the yoga figures with the rest of the black yoga figures.

You’ll need to arrange the figures in the proper order. Use the image below to swap the statue poses in the correct positions to open the drawer and get the key.


Next you’ll need to input the proper code to access the root. The code is: 5123

At the start of chapter three you’ll need to talk to the man on the bench until he gives you the code to open the gate. The code is: 6301.

Tap the footprints on the ground and take the car keys. Go back outside and snap photos of the footprints and take the bottle on the ground. Use the car keys to open the door and move the yoga matt to get the pully. Open the compartment to get the spray and the rag.

Use the hose on the car and then use the bottle on the hose to siphon gas out of the car. Use the gas that you’ve siphoned out of the car and stored in the bottle to put it into the chainsaw in the back of the beat-up truck.

Take the chainsaw and place it in your inventory.

Go back into the trail and use the spray on the map and the rag to clean up the map. Then use the trimmer on the grass under the map and retrieve the map tiles.

Click on the map puzzle to rearrange the pieces so that all the light pieces and dark pieces are properly aligned with the nodes on the edges of the map so that the map should look like in the image below to complete the puzzle.


Next click on the footprint on the ground and place all the images of the footprints onto the ground.

This puzzle is pretty simple, you just have to match up the footprints in the photos with the layered footprints on the right of the screen.

Next you’ll need to complete the maze segment. Use the photo of the maze to get through to the end. The video covers the maze at the 23 minute mark.


Once you reach the end, move the bushes away until you uncover the man in the shrubs with a snake next to him. Take the stick and use the stick to pick up the snake and move it away. Examine the man’s arms for the snake bites.

This will end chapter 3 and start chapter 4

Open the drawer in the morgue and take the paper and use it on the printer and press the print button.
Open the door and take the Dollie to move the boxes out of the way. Then access the keypad and put in the code: 3478.

Move the first aid box out of the way and get the poison box. Take the scissors and get the cotton swab out of the medicine cabinet.

Use the scissors to open the package, take the cotton swab, place it in the large bottle. Then start with red and place a drop inside the large bottle. Then use the yellow drop. Then use the red drop. Then use the yellow drop again. Then use the red drip. Then finish with one blue drop.

The correct pattern should be as indicated in the image below.


Once you complete that puzzle you’ll move to the next room. Move the pile of red blankets out of the way and take the key after you talk to the receptionist.

Use the key to open the door, and then take the wallaby.

Plug the machine into the wall, and then take the red, yellow, purple, brown, orange, pink, and blue plugs from the boxes.

Also take the screwdriver.

Put the wallaby back into the cage.

Check the wild animals posters and the colored animal pictures represent the order number for the plugs you’ll need in the cable storage room.

The plugs should be fitted into position as indicated in the image below, starting with blue, then orange, then green, then red, then purple, then brown, then yellow, then silver.


Talk to the receptionist and get the code: 462543

In the next room, the order of the switches correspond the arrows on the boxes in the storage room. So it should be left, left, up, up, down, right, right.


Use the screwdriver on the last panel that has the red light and inside there is a circuit board. The objective is to match up the lanes and connect them from one end to the next so that the whole board is lit up, as indicated in the image below.


Scroll all the way down the isle to the last shelf… no. 6. Open up row four and book three, and inside it will be a file for Jane Brown, and it will wrap up Chapter 4.

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