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8 October 2017
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Road Redemption Cheats Offer Infinite Nitro, EXP, And Money

If you don’t know, Road Redemption has left its Early Access phase and is now complete. If you are having trouble with the complete version or you want to experience another side of Road Redemption, a batch of updated cheats has hit the scene for the racing game. Road Redemption is out now for PC, Wii U, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

A long while ago I had the chance to play an early version of Road Redemption, and even in its early state it contained a lot of fun elements. It built upon the basic foundation that old EA left behind when developing Road Rash.

Road Redemption, much like Road Rash, explores a biker gang on a journey, except this journey is across the country mixed with strange road rage elements. This journey reflects through a campaign mode, a list of weapons to wield, and 4-player co-op split-screen/online multiplayer.

The complete version expands on all the aforesaid features and can  cause some trouble if you happen to be new and looking to get through to the end. If you are new or want to experience something different while playing Road Redemption, there are six updated cheats to work with the full version:

Infinite Health

Infinite Nitro

Infinite Durability+Ammo

Unlock All Levels and Riders

Change Money

Like always, these PC cheats call for the user to be a premium member and can be found over on

As noted above, these new cheats arrive ahead of the complete version to replace the older cheats for compatibility reasons. If your older cheats seem to be broken or wonky, the updated list should address all problems regarding activation and reliability.

Road Redemption is out now for PC and home consoles. The PC version via Steam is now out of Early Access and has a 10 percent deal going on until October 11th.

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