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1521040cookie-checkSKSE 64-Bit 2.0.5 Alpha And F4SE 0.6.1 PC Download Now Available

SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.5 Alpha And F4SE 0.6.1 PC Download Now Available

The SKSE team has updated both SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.5 Alpha and F4SE 0.6.1. This means that folks looking to test these early builds aimed at Skyrim and Fallout 4 can download them right now for PC.

Given that the SKSE team is busy we can expect updates to come out at a slow pace. The good news is that the team has churned out two updates for SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.5 Alpha and F4SE 0.6.1.

The team had Extrwi to tell folks about the two updates on Reddit that can be seen below. Additionally, we also learn that old and outdated plugins must be removed so the new script extender update for SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.5 Alpha and F4SE 0.6.1 will work properly.

SKSE 64-Bit 2.0.5 Alpha

“If you are running in to crashes on startup, please check your /Data/SKSE/Plugins folder for outdated plugins that don’t perform a proper version check. Once you’ve identified a plugin that is crashing on startup, please contact the author (not me) for an update, and ask them to add a proper version check.”

After following the directions in said folders in the above instruction, you can then play the latest Alpha build of SKSE 64-bit and provide helpful feedback either to the SKSE team or a mod author.

If you want to see what this new update is all about, the archive folder can be further investigated by hitting up given link: 7z Archive.

F4SE 0.6.1

“If you are having crashes on startup, empty out /Data/F4SE/Plugins and try again. If that solves the problem, you have another mod installed that needs to be updated, and that mod doesn’t perform a proper version check despite how extremely simple we make it to do so. Please identify it and complain to the author.”

Just like the SKSE 64-bit directions, after following the steps to get the latest build of F4SE 0.6.1 to work and provide useful feedback to the F4SE team or a mod author, you should face no problem when starting the game up.

You can see for yourself what this new update is all about by hitting up the links that contain the archive and installer, which can be further researched by heading to the Archive or Installer page.

Folks interested in the progress of SKSE 64-Bit and F4SE can keep an eye on them by visiting or

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