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Freedom Planet 2 Video Previews New Battlesphere Modes

GalaxyTrail released a four minute gameplay preview video showcasing some of the new levels and the different types of gameplay mechanics that will be present in the title.

The video is just over four and a half minutes long, but starts with a warning that the game is still in development. We see Lilac starting off by using some melee attacks and then riding a rocket presumably into space.

One of the big new changes that we see in action is the zoom effect. During CQC moments where players are intimately involved with combating enemies, the camera gets in close so you can properly see your attacks or time your counters for the enemy’s attacks. You can check it out in the video below.

We then see Carol on her bike, racing through the stages while using some of her new melee attacks. Unlike in the first game it appears as if Carol will be a lot more efficient while on foot. Previously, if you lost the bike then it was extremely difficult trying to get through the stages as Carol because she was weak, slow and ineffectual at getting things done without the motorcycle.

We also get to see Milla and the new playable character, Neera Li, in action.

We see how Neera can use her ice staff to not only do massive damage to enemies but also freeze objects and use the the ice blocks to scale up the environment and reach places she wouldn’t normally be able to reach.

The boss fights are also briefly showcased, and we can see how the strategies to defeat the bosses vary widely from being fast-paced and energetic to strategic and tactical.


Near the end of the trailer we get a glimpse at four of the new game modes made available through the Battlesphere, a secondary mode apart from the story and arcade mode.

In the Battlesphere players will be able to engage in Arena Battles, Boss Battles, a Home Run mode and a Race.

We briefly get to see how these challenge maps will offer players a variety of reflex-style challenges to overcome. In the Arena Battle you have to battle a bunch of enemies in a derby, while the Home Run mode sees you attempting to knock the ball across the stage.

We don’t get to see the race mode, but I suspect that may arrive in one of the future previews.

You can keep track of Freedom Planet 2 by visiting the Steam store website.

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