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6 February 2018

Monster Hunter World Guide: How To Forge And Upgrade Items

Looking to forge and upgrade items in Capcom’s Monster Hunter World? This guide aims to help you find out where and how to forge and upgrade items. Monster Hunter World is out for PS4 and Xbox One, and will launch this Fall for PC.

You can find the workshop on the second floor in Astera, which you can access faster by taking a lift up to it. Inside the workshop you can talk to two people, one sells gear while the second person forges or upgrades various items.

As a new player you won’t have many options available at the workshop until you progress further in the story and fight bigger monsters. In this case it is best to ignore the weapon forge option for a while, which at this point you can only forge a hand full of weapons that you can just buy from the armory vendor.

Later on, though, forging armor is quite important in that you will be able to unlock more armor sets as you progress. Make sure that you forge armor that you like or with skills you want your armor to have.

All of the aforesaid is explained below in video form by YouTuber PWARGaming.

In addition to the above, some skills have a number of levels, these numbers can be increased upon having more armor with the same skill. In other words, stack armor pieces of the same skill to get a higher number/level.

Furthermore, you can upgrade your armor whereupon doing this increases that piece of armor’s defense. Make sure that you select the armor you want and use “Armor Spheres” to upgrade it.

Armor Spheres or Armor Spheres + can be obtained from bounties as rewards, in which the process of upgrading an armor piece can be done with individual Armor Spheres or by dumping a load of them to max out an armor piece. Make sure to upgrade all of your armor pieces that you are wearing and not just one, if you have enough Armor Spheres to do so.

Weapons can be upgraded too. Upon following a branch within a weapon’s upgrade tree it will allow you to upgrade or downgrade a weapon. Upgrading a weapon can be done by following a specific branch requirement(s) to move up in the upgrade tree. Downgrading can be used to reach other paths of a weapon, in other words downgrading will not only return you materials it will also allow you to seek out another branch of that particular weapon’s tree.

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