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Farming Simulator 19 Information On Gameplay Features Surface

FarmCon 18, which is now over, offered 1,000 people to spend Saturday and Sunday on the Horsch factory plant in Germany to learn more about Farming Simulator 19 via a gameplay demo shown behind closed doors. No one was allowed to take pictures or make videos, but a lot of information has surfaced from the event regarding the PC and home console game due out for a Q4 2018 release.

I’m sure if you look hard enough you’ll find a top-secret off-screen video of Farming Simulator 19 in action, but for now, we’ll have to suffice with the following image that the devs posted on Twitter showing the behind closed door gameplay demo.

Thanks to Boddi, Vertex Dezign, LS Infos, and LS Modcompany we learn some stuff from the event although it’s not video footage, we do have a written report thanks to the hard-working crew.

Boddi from managed to compile the latest and greatest information from FarmCon 18 and came up with the following (although it may be subject to change at launch):

  • You can build your farm from the ground up. And expand on it.
  • You can remove weeds with a harrow. But only in an early growth stage.
  • Lime has been added.
  • In the mission system, you can choose whether you want to work with your own vehicles or if you want to use those of the field owner. One of these choices makes the time limit go away (not sure which).
  • There is a limit on how many animals you can put in one stable.
  • There will be hoses connecting various tools/tanks to each other, and to the vehicles. (Not sure whether the hoses are attached manually or automatically…)
  • The ground adapts to placeables.
  • Tractors are grouped into HP classes in the shop.
  • Vehicles (and tools?) will eventually show sign of wear and tear.
  • The working speed and the strength of tractors will decrease over time.
  • Two new brands were spotted during the presentation: Agro-Masz and Samson.
  • Nav meshes (the animal areas) are buyable and placeable in different sizes.
  • Giants is working on stopping the rain leaking through roughs. 90 % done.
  • Vehicle interior will have cab lighting and dashboard illumination
  • Multiplayer can be made competitive, with up to 4 teams.
  • There are different startup levels. One option is to start with everything, like vehicles, equipment, a farm and fields. Another option is to start with nothing but money. No farm, no equipment, no fields. Just money. (Not sure how many starting levels there are, though…)
  • You don’t only buy fields. You buy entire areas of the map, including forests and meadows.
  • Giants are talking to the Courseplay developers. Not for integration, but for compatibility.
  • You can now sleep through the night (skip the night)

The website also noted that Giants Software’s community manager, Lisertan, made it clear on the official Farming Simulator forum that the engine has been revamped, but not replaced. With that said, you can read what has been tweaked below:

  • Dynamic sky – The FS19 clouds will be real 3D objects. They change color to grey before it starts to rain.
  • Sun and moon have been added, both moving over the sky.
  • Volumetric fog – Makes the fog look more realistic utilizing lights and shadows.
  • Depth of field – A feature the blurs objects that are not in focus, giving everything a more movie-like quality.
  • Color grading – Tone mapping – For better in-game graphics.
  • Bloom – A lighting effect.
  • Global illumination – Adds more realistic lighting.
  • Dynamic eye adaption – An effect that mimics the eye adjustment when going from a dark environment to a much brighter. And the other way around.
  • Light scattering – The light is broken up by objects in the game world.

Moreover, gameplay features consist of the following:

  • 3 maps: A revamped version of the FS17 South American map, 2 brand new maps.
  • Locations: USA, South America, Western Europe.
  • The mission system is improved – No words on how.
  • The function of AI workers have also been improved – How, is still unclear.
  • Farming Simulator 19 will introduce new farming activities.
  • There will be birds! They will sometimes follow seeders, without affecting gameplay. In other words: Your seeds are safe…
  • Crops will bend when you drive over it. No more corn stalks inside you cabin…
  • The user interface has changed. It’s still familiar. With added transparency.
  • When buying stuff from the shop, you’ll get a 3D preview of the machinery. Any configuration changes will show as well, prior to buying.
  • Still, inside the shop, you can move and zoom the camera.
  • Vehicle seats have been given a suspension animation.
  • Throttles and brake pedals are now animated.
  • Weeds are visible and get pulled up from the ground if you use a weeder to get rid of it.
  • Crop destruction has become part of the game. No longer a mod. It can be turned on or off.
  • The map size has NOT increased.

And lastly, machines and animals are listed below:

  • John Deere is finally a Farming Simulator brand.
  • AGCO’s IDEAL harvesters is confirmed for FS19.
  • There will be a Fendt IDEAL, and a Massey Ferguson IDEAL combine.
  • The new vehicle count is now at 38 (per 19th of February 2018 – Source)
  • Chickens, sheep, pigs, cows are still part of the game.
  • Horses are a new breed of Farming Simulator 19. You will be able to ride them.
  • The dog you see in the reveal trailer? It has a purpose. We just don’t know what. Yet.
  • There will be two new crops: Cotton and oat.

Farming Simulator 19 is currently set to launch sometime this fall across PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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