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1523430cookie-checkForza Horizon 4 Free Demo Is Available For Download And It’s 28GB

Forza Horizon 4 Free Demo Is Available For Download And It’s 28GB

A massive new demo for Forza Horizon 4 has dropped for the Xbox One and Windows 10. The demo is 28GB large – yes, 28GB. That’s about three times the size of the average seventh gen game and bigger than most eighth gen games that do compression right. So why the mammoth size? Poor compression. Plus, the demo is chock full of a lot of assets, including several radio stations with a ton of songs.

One of the highlights of the Forza Horizon games have always been the soundtracks, mostly because they have the upbeat pop, electronic dance, and tropical house music to really help set the mood and make gamers feel like they’re having a care-free race across dirt roads in exotic lands, or burning rubber across asphalt lined along pastel-colored rooftops on villas that paint an idyllic picture of a foreign and beautiful land.

But beyond the music, the demo doesn’t have much going for it. It’s rather short and will take about two hours tops to complete all the main races. You can check out half an hour’s worth of gameplay from the Forza Horizon 4 demo courtesy of YouTuber The Drive.

There are a few additional side-missions to complete scattered within the limited driving space once you complete the handful of races, such as the speed traps, warning sign activities that sees players attempting to make huge jumps, and drift challenges.

At the start of the demo you’ll get a tour of the game’s biggest feature, the four seasons. You start in autumn and then work your way through winter, spring, and summer.

Once you complete the intro sequence, which sees you playing as the main event organizer, you’ll be able to choose from one of three starter vehicles, customize your license plate, and then customize your character’s look. And thankfully they do allow you to create straight, white males. So if you worried about that (as you should be) do take note that they didn’t restrict that option like in Battletech or Mass Effect: Andromeda.

Once you complete an event or two you’ll unlock one of the specialty events in the game, where you’ll play as a stunt driver who must complete a jump within a limited amount of time.

It gives you a brief idea of the kind of mission variety you’ll have at your disposal in the game.

Later on you’ll get to test drive the rally cars both in off-road races and street races.

As mentioned, the demo is pretty short and the map area you get to explore is quite minuscule. Also, it’s a single-player demo so no access to the multiplayer.

Forza Horizon 4 Demo - Opportunity

If you attempt to drive outside of the designated area the demo will stop you and reset your car. You can’t customize your car either. It’s a very limited yet very large demo.

Control wise, the vehicles all handle exceptionally well. It’s arcade physics with arcade drifting, so don’t expect the cars to handle like in the main Forza Motorsport series or Gran Turismo. It actually takes a moderate employment of bad driving to actually spin-out or end up too far off the track.

If you’re short on bandwidth it might be best to just skip out on the demo and watch a few YouTube videos or Twitch streams instead.

The demo is available right now for Forza Horizon 4 on the Windows Store or the Xbox Store for the Xbox One. If you have your Xbox Live account signed into your version of Windows 10 with the Xbox App, you can also enable remote installation from your PC to have the demo downloaded to your Xbox One.

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