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1538320cookie-checkTetris 99 Battle Royale Puzzle Game Download Now Available For Free On Nintendo Switch

Tetris 99 Battle Royale Puzzle Game Download Now Available For Free On Nintendo Switch

Nintendo announced Tetris 99, a Battle Royale version of Tetris, is currently available right now on the Nintendo eShop… for free. The game pits 99 players against each other in online multiplayer rounds, with only one player coming out the victor.

The trick to the game is that the PvP has players fighting against each other while trying to stay alive by sending junk to the other players by filling up their screen with lots of pieces to force them out of the round.

However, in the same way that you’ll be able to throw junk at other players, other players can also throw junk at you.

You can check out the gameplay trailer below to get an idea of what the free-to-play Battle Royale is like with streamed gameplay available courtesy of Brownman.

The basic gist of the the game is that once you download the free client you boot it up and then you can start the game. There aren’t many options, you just hop into the game after it begins matching players up with others.

The matchmaking searches out and puts 99 players into the round. Now the way it works is that you can choose who you decide to attack by highlighting another player and forcing them to have their screen get filled up with pieces. You can either work together with other players to force out certain other competitors or just randomize who you attack as you begin to whittle down the pieces and have your attacks generated toward another player.

As if facing off against 99 other players isn’t hard enough, the game also gets faster and harder the fewer the players are in the round. So it speeds up when 50 players are knocked out, and then it speeds up again when there are just 10 left, and then finally there’s an all out brawl for the last two spots.

You can download Tetris 99 right now, for free, by heading on over to the Nintendo eShop page. You will, however, need a Nintendo Network premium subscription if you want to play online.

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