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845670cookie-checkDead or Alive 6 Data Miners Point To Kula Diamond As Second KoF Guest Character

Dead or Alive 6 Data Miners Point To Kula Diamond As Second KoF Guest Character

SNK Corporation and Koei Tecmo teamed up for a DLC crossover in Dead or Alive 6. We know that one of the guest characters is Mai Shiranui, but we have been completely in the dark for the second character… until now. Some data miners have been attempting to sift through the files to discover who the second guest character is, and one of them could be Kula Diamond.

Over on the Steam forums user universal_eternity made a post on May 17th, 2019 linking to a Pastebin file containing extracted XML data from Dead or Alive 6. Some of the data points to certain attacks, since the character’s name has been obscured with a basic “SNK” moniker. The extracted data reveals that the SNK character has ice attacks, smoke, and particles. You can check out a brief bit of the extraction below.

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This data was corroborated by Gatto Tom, who made a post on Twitter stating that the second DLC character from King of Fighters would be Kula Diamond.

But it wasn’t just a statement on Twitter that Gatto Tom shared, he went a step further by extracting some of the art assets from the game, including the special effects from the character, which included ice, rainbows, and multi-colored auras.

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For those of you who don’t know, Kula has typically used ice attacks and spin moves featuring particle dusts, similar to what Gatto Tom shared.

There’s also a video that highlights all of Kula’s special attacks, and the effects are all practically identical to the assets that Tom extracted from Dead or Alive 6. You can check out a compilation of her attacks by YouTuber deathmule.

Now this doesn’t guarantee that Kula is the second character, but based on the evidence so far it’s definitely looking like that’s the case. We’ll find out who the second mystery character is when they become available along with Mai this June.

(Thanks for the news tip Gatto Tom and Eric Otness)

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