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23 June 2019

Steel Division 2 Cheats Include Unlimited Points, Infinite Units

There aren’t many cheats available for Eugen System’s Steel Division 2, the newly released real-time strategy game currently available on Steam. However, what cheats that have rolled out are enough to keep the threads alive on a neverending cavalcade of armor strolling down the dirt road of victory.

The first trainer is available for free, which you can download right now over on the Mr. Antifun forum.

The Steel Division 2 cheats available in the trainer can be viewed below:

Infinite Requisition Points

Ai Requisition Points 0

Infinite Units

As mentioned, there aren’t many cheats available, but what’s there is enough to help turn the tide during a battle you might find yourself in where you can’t possibly win.

The only caveat to the cheats above is that before you activate them first go into a mission map and then activate the trainer. According to the forum post, you may have to wait up to 30 seconds before the cheats properly activate and start working.

After you finish the mission turn off the cheats in between the missions while you’re at the options screen, and then only turn them back on when you enter into the next mission. Rinse and repeat during your playthrough.

There’s a second cheat trainer that’s available over on Cheat Happens.

It’s a premium trainer but you get a couple extra goodies packed in. You can view the Steel Division 2 cheats below:

Unlimited Requisition

Unlimited Units

Unlock Phases

Pause Match Timer

With these you gain access to phases as well as the ability to pause the match timer, something that will surely come in handy for fans of the Baldur’s Gate style combat system with the active pause feature.

Steel Divison 2 - Battlefield

Now funnily enough that specific cheat, being able to freeze the mission timer, is free in the trainer available for download over on the page.

The Steel Division 2 cheats included in the trainer are listed below:

Freeze Mission Timer

Unlimited Units

Minimum 5,000 Requisition

Again, it’s only three cheats but I’m sure you’ll find them very handy, especially the unlimited units cheats.

Of course, keep in mind that Steel Division 2 does include a multiplayer PvP mode in addition to the single-player campaign mode. So if you stick with the campaign mode, which stretches across the Eastern Front in massive 150×100 kilometer maps during 1944 where you play either as the Soviets or as the Nazi armies in Bielorussia, taking part in Operation Bagration, then you’re fine. However, if you attempt to play online then you risk getting VAC banned. So you’ve been warned.

The game itself features 600 different historically accurate units modeled after their real-life counterparts across 18 different divisions. There are 25 maps to battle across and an all new deck-building mechanic to help increase the meta-game and replayability.

The user reviews are mixed right now due to a lack of a tutorial, some post-launch bugs, and a short campaign, but it’s nothing that Eugen can’t fix with a little tender, love and care.

You can pick up a digital copy of the game right now over on the Steam store for just $39.99.

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