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Hades Cheats Offer God Mode, Instant-Kill

Supergiant Games’ Hades Cheats is one of those unfortunate Epic Games Store exclusives, so a lot of people probably had no idea it existed, and worst yet probably forgot that it was even a game. Of course, for the people who did purchase it there are some cheats available for you.

The first cheat trainer is available for download from

The Hades cheats featured in the trainer are listed below:



2x movement-speed

Those are all the basic cheats you really ever need to get anywhere in Hades since it’s an isometric hack-and-slash title.

The game allows you to race around the environment, dodging traps, avoiding projectiles, and unleashing your fury on any and everything that gets in your way as you attempt to ascend out of Hades.

Moving fast enough to dodge projectiles solves any issues of getting hit by wanton fire, while the one-hit-kill cheat ensures that anything your blade pricks in even the slightest way will be dead to the touch.
The god mode speaks for itself.

If for some reason those three cheats aren’t enough and you somehow need something a little spicier, you can grab the trainer from Cheat Happens.

Game Speed

Edit Health of Being Just Damaged

Edit Gold

Edit Meta Points

Edit Lock Keys

Now unfortunately this trainer does not come with a god mode or instant-kill option, which in some ways would make it the more inferior trainer of the two. However, you do have the options to edit the gold and the lock keys. This is more of a trainer for those of you who need help getting through the game but you don’t want to cheat like a scrub, but would rather cheat as if you just needed a little bit of game-manipulating welfare to overcome the odds.

It is odd, though, that the premium trainer from Hades Cheats Happens doesn’t come with a god mode cheat. One would have expected that that would have been a standard given the membership requirement to download the trainer, but oh well.

There is one more option available for you in the form of a free cheat table from Fearless Revolution.

The table features the following Hades cheats:

Infinite Health

Max Health



The game doesn’t have much of a following or a strong community at this point, likely due to two factors: The first is that it’s an Epic Games Store exclusive, which means that not a lot of people are going to waste their time checking the game out since a lot of PC gamers hate the Epic Games Store. Second, the game is in Early Access, so that dwindles the kind of interest and attachment to the title even more than full releases on the Epic Games Store.

Despite being in Early Access, with a likely run on the Steam store once it graduates from Early Access at some point next year, the game is available for $24.99, which is kind of steep for a game still in development with no clear release date in site. The lack of community updates and forums means that a lot of people are also completely in the dark regarding the development of Hades, which is no surprise given that Epic Games doesn’t really value consumer access to developmental progress through their client.

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