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Gin’iro Haruka English Fan-Translation Patch Available

Fans have been slowly trudging through the process of translating Gin’iro, Haruka, which originally came out back in Japan in 2016. Developer Tone Work’s later had the visual novel translated for the Chinese audience in 2018. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an official, commercial release of Gin’iro, Haruka in English, but fans have been tirelessly working to fix that problem.

Tsurezure Scans, a fan site that provides unofficial patches for visual novels that haven’t received official publishing support, announced via Twitter on August 24th, 2019 that the common route patch for Gin’iro, Haruka is available for download.

You can download the 29MB English patch right now from over on the Sukebei website.

It works with patch 2569379, and will provide you with a full English experience for the common route in the visual novel.

All you have to do to make use of the patch is extract the contents into the root folder of Gin’Iro, Haruka and use the launcher.exe file to play the game in English.

This translation patch is quite the achievement, given that it must have been no easy endeavor to translate a visual novel that clocks in at over 50 hours.

Gin’iro, Haruka follows a small town student named Yukito who ends up befriending, each with their own unique personality and quirks that take the hero through a branching buffet of love. Now the good part is that at least the main route is finished for as far as the translation is concerned. The bad part is that there are still other routes that require translating.

Still, something is better than nothing and the patch is free, so if you own a copy of Gin’iro, Haruka, you can download the patch right now.

(Thanks for the news tip AsianBoii)

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