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22 May 2020

Ridge Wallet Stands By ItsAGundam During Thotterstorm

Rarely does one find a company with the fortitude to stand up against the hate mobs. Let alone the intelligence to know who their paying customers are. Popular YouTube sponsor Ridge Wallet has now demonstrated an apt capacity for both as they refuse to cave to the pressure to drop or denounce ItsAGundman.

To provide a bit of back story for those that have missed out on the latest Twitch controversy. ItsAGundman published a video (see below) doing what he does best, covering Twitch Thots. Rather than directing focus to a particular drama or scandal that was unfolding, his video delved into Pokimane’s audience. Ridiculing them for being simps who are willing to go homeless and neglect their families to contribute money to Pokimane.

Naturally, the establishment who busies itself tackling the economic issues surrounding “excessive video game usage” and thwarting the dangers anime poses towards…something, takes no objection to simping. Anyone can easily understand gamers and weebs merely opting out of working excessively, yet otherwise meet their obligations are not an economic burden. Especially not when they are supporting some of the largest industries in the world.

Yet people going homeless and neglecting their families pose no issue for society. To borrow an apt phrase from ItsAGundam’s channel: Really Queen?!

Digression aside, Pokimane discovered ItsAGundam’s video during a Just Chatting Stream in which she was reacting to videos of herself. Upon watching the video, she took immediate umbrage and directed her legion of fans to go after both the sponsor and ItsAGundam. Albeit while carefully instructing them not to harass either.

Concerns emerged whether Ridge Wallet would opt to avoid the ensuing drama and wrath of the hate mob. Especially following an unnamed majored video game company pulling their sponsorship from ItsAGundam.

The Quartering sharing the same sponsor and having previously covered the ongoing events reached out to Ridge Wallet asking for their stance on the issue. Requesting Ridge Wallet not cave to the hate mobs who demanded they drop their sponsorship. In response, they assured TheQuartering they were not terminating ItsAGundam’s sponsorship, and they took umbrage with people going after sponsors to settle person beefs.

“Hi Jeremy, I appreciate that man. Yes we got wind of what was happening on Saturday and Sunday….and we really discourage people going against sponsors over personal beef…We’ve received a ton of support, it seems like lots of people are on our side.”

Sadly ItsAGundam still lost a massive sponsor that he and the Quartering have opted not to mention. For now, you can give him support by checking out his content and letting Ridge Wallet know they made the right choice.

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