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18 May 2020

Samurai Marathon Lands On Digital Distributors In The West

Bernard Rose’s Samurai Marathon originally released back in 2019. The historical drama piece set in 1855 Japan only recently found its way to digital distributors in America, however, and it’s currently available courtesy of Well Go USA Entertainment.

HanWay Films’ title centers around a grueling marathon that a daimyo sent his samurai on, which results in some of them not entirely making it through the journey.

Meanwhile some gun-totting assassins are sent to take advantage of the daimyo’s challenge at the behest of the Shogun.

Chaos ensues.

The movie appears to follow various characters on the marathon, including a chick who cuts off her hair and tries to embrace some “woman power” initiative. If the film was honest with itself she would get smacked across the face and manhandled in seconds.

The most intriguing thing about the film is the fact that some assassins seem to be taking advantage of the situation while all of the daimyo’s men are out running.

What’s also interesting is that Philip Glass composed an original score for the film, but the trailer uses the middle movement of “The Grid” from the album Koyaanisqatsi instead of an original song. As I mentioned, it’s an interesting choice.

Based on the trailer it doesn’t appear to be a converged film. Depending on how they handle the sub-plot involving the female chick who attempts to partake in the marathon could determine whether or not it’s woke. But another good thing is that there’s no hint of “diversity” to ruin the quality of the cast.

Since it’s from the same producers behind Takashi Miike’s 13 Assassins, I would like to hope it’s an all right film free from the propaganda that has ruined nearly every major Hollywood film. But then again, nothing is sacred these days so exercise caution with Samurai Marathon.

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