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Crysis 3 Cheats Grant Super Speed, Infinite Health, And Invisibility

Crysis 3 is now “available” on Steam after being on the Origin client for the longest. This means folks looking to play said game on PC on another launcher can do so while cheating throughout the 2013 first-person shooter from Crytek and Electronic Arts, the latter of whom has made it onto the Traitors of America master list.

Notice: This game features online play. In other words, using cheats while playing online with other people may result in a ban or some form of punishment. With that said, it’s best to use these cheat trainers outside of the multiplayer mode.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that although Crysis 3 is on Steam, upon launching the FPS title from the said client will open up Origin. This also means that if you already have Crysis 3 on Origin, you’re essentially paying for the game twice.

If for some strange reason you are okay with that, then know that Crysis 3 cheats are now available for the new version of the game, granting players access to options like unlimited health, ammo, and upgrade points:

Unlimited Health


Super Speed

Super Jump

Tactical Synergy

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You can grab the listed cheat trainer by paying a visit. However, it’s worth noting that these cheats are only accessible to premium members of said site.

If you don’t want to pay for cheats, there’s good news for you in that there’s an alternative. Website has a slew of cheats that you can download that offer the following options:

Super Health

Infinite Energy

Infinite Ammo

Set Nano Points

Super Speed / Sprint

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It’s worth noting that some of these cheats may not work if the game is updated or if the cheat trainers are broken/outdated, so it’s best to check back on updates if you want to cheat without any setbacks.

Lastly, Crysis 3 is available to pick up right now for PC.