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1487610cookie-checkGunfire Reborn, Update For Borderlands-Style Roguelite Will Add More Guns, Scrolls, Stages

Gunfire Reborn, Update For Borderlands-Style Roguelite Will Add More Guns, Scrolls, Stages

The end-of-the-month update for Douyi Interactive Entertainment’s Borderlands-inspired FPS roguelite, Gunfire Reborn, will add a significant amount of new content to the game, including all new weapons, all new magical scrolls, and some brand new stages to explore.

If you enjoyed the original concept of Borderlands, Gunfire Reborn is a more wholesome throwback to actual fun-filled gameplay for real gamers.

In a post made on July 10th, 2020 covering the latest update for the game, they also announced that they have another major update set to arrive in July as well, which will include a lot more content. The update reads…

“In this update, we fixed some bugs and optimized some interaction details. We will update more new weapons, scrolls, and stages at the end of this month, and the new version is currently in internal testing. Please stay tuned.”

The promise for new content comes among complaints from fans of the game that there’s nothing else for them to do after they maxed out their character.

Truth be told, this is the best kind of complaint a developer could receive!

When you have tens of thousands of people begging you for more content, it means you’re doing something very right.

As for the recent July 10th update, it fixes a number of issues with UI navigation and performance, as well as fixing a lot of bugs with enemies and co-op.

Unfortunately it doesn’t feature offline split-screen co-op, but maybe if enough people ask for it they might consider implementing it? It would definitely give them a leg up over the Borderlands games, where Gearbox Software purposely excluded split-screen co-op on PC to force PC gamers to buy additional copies in order to play co-op, even though split-screen compatibility is already natively built into the Unreal Engine as part of the basic engine asset pack.

Anyway, Douyi Interactive plans to keep Gunfire Reborn in Early Access for anywhere between two and four months. It’s been in Early Access since May, 2020, so if they can keep to their roadmap time frame, they should look to graduate from Early Access somewhere in September or October.

The Borderlands-style roguelite is currently in Early Access over on the Steam store. You can pick up a digital copy of Gunfire Reborn for $11.99.

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