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Death Stranding PC Release Is Like A Movie, According to Kojima Productions 2020

Whenever walking simulators are brought up, opinions are usually divided and entrenched. Many absolutely consider the genre to be the lowest class of gaming. Whereas its fans enjoy the cinematic appeal, the genre offers or rather has the potential to provide. These lines inevitably formed in the first AAA walking simulator, Death Stranding.

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Now the cinematic experience is coming to the PC with enhanced visuals, ultra-wide support, a new difficulty mode, and collaboration with Half-Life. A collaboration not many are clamoring for, as it doesn’t address any of the issues with the game, nor has the Half-Life series been culturally relevant for some time.

In an interview with Geoff Keighley, Art Director Yoji Shinkawa describes the visual improvements they made to the game for the PC release. Specifically, he focuses on the amount of information a player can take in with the ultra-wide setting.

A setting you can use if you want to own an ultra-wide monitor. Beyond, ultra-wide, he describes the game as feeling more like a movie than the Tv drama vibe it had on the Playstation 4.

“So compared to the previous one, I could kind of say that you’re kind of watching a TV drama in the previous game, but this time in the PC version it’s more you get the impression that you’re watching a movie at the cinema.”

There is something to be said about a game when the journalist and the game’s creators focus on graphics.

What’s odd is how social connectivity features, a hallmark of the game’s original marketing, are absent from the game’s advertisement. Instead, the focus is placed on a better frame rate, photo mode, and ultra-wide support.

At this point, anyone reading this already knows whether they want the game or not. Do note though, the game ships with Denuvo software.

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