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Persona 4 Golden Sells 500,000 On PC

On the anniversary of Persona 4’s release of Japan, July 10th, 2020, Atlus announced that Persona 4 Golden has managed to accrue 500,000 players on the PC version of the game, allowing it to become another smash hit success for the company.

In any case, the celebration of the 500,000 milestone for the game was celebrated with an original poster from Shigenori Soejima, which was shared in the tweet that Atlus posted on July 10th.

The sales are quite impressive given that the game only launched a month ago on June 13th, and did so as mostly a complete surprise without any major marketing campaigns behind it.

Basically it proves that a good brand that hasn’t been made available on a platform where gamers have been demanding it can sell like hot cakes without wasting $50 million to promote it every year.

Now I’m sure some people will argue “But 500,000 over the course of a month isn’t a lot!” and to that I say, hogwash!

The game originally came out for the PS Vita way back in 2012. That’s eight years ago.

Moving half a million copies over the course of a month for a near-decade old game is quite impressive, and also shows that gamers are starved of actual good games. It also proves you don’t need the latest in graphics, shaders, or rendering technology to capture a dedicated audience.

In the meantime, Persona 4 Golden is currently available over on the Steam store for just $19.99. For PC Player that wanted to ended the story faster, we have game cheat that you can use on offline or single player mode.

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