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1609240cookie-checkBacklash Against People Taking Offense at Cyberpunk 2077 Begins

Backlash Against People Taking Offense at Cyberpunk 2077 Begins

Gaming has always had what its critics have lacked, actual homogenous diversity. For gaming attracts a diverse range of people from all races, ethnicities, religions, genders, and hailing from across the political spectrum. All gathered together with the simple undertaking of sharing their passion for gaming. After all, entry into the hobby/pastime is as simple as picking up and playing a game.

Unfortunately, as any pastime reaches the mainstream, it will inevitably be filled with grifters who latch onto it to generate self-worth, influence, or revenue through the act of being offended or outraged at a perceived slight from said medium. This is how we get orcs being racist caricatures of black people after four decades, and it is how we have people accusing CDPR of being bigots.

These people tend to conglomerate in communities where they force out opposing views generating an echo chamber. In which, they believe themselves to be the predominant voice owed to the isolation from any criticism or challenge. Often one of reason, and often with everyone else looking on them in disgust and hatred.

As stated, CDPR have been accused of bigotry because they included Trans people and Trans culture in the transhumanist exploration Cyberpunk 2077. No, they’re not being accused of being bigots by people who disagree with the idea of transhumanism and/or transgenderism. They’re being accused of such by social justice warriors across Twitter, Reset Era, and Reddit, among other communities.

It should be noted they’re also racist for having Haitian descendants have Haitian culture. As that makes perfect sense and isn’t the moment, you should begin reevaluating your ideology.

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As usual, the perpetual offended crying out from their echo chambers do not represent the broader Transgender community who has begun to rebuke their messaging. Twitter user and self-proclaimed world’s worse journalist Sophia Narwitz took the offended to task over how their outrage and attempts to cancel CDPR are hurting the broader transgender community.

In a multi-post thread Sophia demolishes the idea that the game is in some way doing harm to the Transgender community through the simple act of offering representation of said community. Representation that at the same time it is called problematic, is being criticized for not being more extensive.

Worse still is that this never ending outrage is no doubt incredibly damaging to their own mental health/wellbeing, & if they’d just chill out & stop being so emotionally tied up into things that have no bearing on their life whatsoever, maybe the suicide rate would drop

  • — Sophia (BLIND SPACE BUNS) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) December 6, 2020

  • Anyways. I got that off my chest. Back to my regularly scheduled shitposting.
  • — Sophia (BLIND SPACE BUNS) Narwitz (@SophNar0747) December 6, 2020

Though not everyone will agree with her assessment, many chimed in with their own take and questions. With the prevailing sentiment being, forcing a false antagonistic relationship will hurt the Transgender community rather than help it or make developers happy to include them in their games. The latter being a problem that will increase as more companies pander to China who does not offer the same tolerance on the matter the west does.

  • OK. Maybe that’s an oversimplification.
    But I read an article about a year ago, claiming declining support for the LGBT community amongst young Americans.
    I can’t help seeing it coincide with the increase in identity politics over the last years and wondering about a connection?
  • — Quantumcat76 (@QuantumCat76) December 6, 2020

  • Yep. When this whole stupidity with CyberPunk 2077 1st hit social media… it was pointed out that the universe the game uses was written by a black man, and CDPR also consulted with him for story/setting/etc… but they didn’t care. It was still racist/phobic/etc. Pffft.

— Kamatsu (@_Kamatsu_) December 6, 2020

  • as a trans person, please explain, why would the game cause any harm to transgenders? i dont understand it? i see nothing wrong with what i heard of the game, but i also don’t know much about it so please explain so i can at least understand what they’re getting at
  • — foot (@mikofoot) December 6, 2020

  • let me guess.. they also think that every piece of it is transgender fetishization, despite futas being just fantasy like catgirls 99% of the time, not meant to be trans to begin with?
  • — Abstürzender Altgarg (@flatterkatz) December 6, 2020

  • CDPR: *shows character creator with male and female options*
    CDPR: Ok, we’ll change it so there’s no distinction between the 2 genders and you can choose whatever voice you want.
    Someone, somewhere:
  • — Cͨrͬoͦwͧdͩeͤrͬ (@xCrowder) December 8, 2020

  • It makes me feel the gut feeling of saying it. They will cry about literally anything you do.
    I can’t say why CDPR isn’t sending review copies out, but it makes me glady the vast majority of these types don’t have it early just to cry about it.
  • — Ovan (@OvanVinte) December 8, 2020

There are likely to be many valid issues with Cyberpunk 2077. Already reviews talk about bugs and other areas of the game that could be smoothed out. What isn’t an issue is the game’s developer being a bigot. They may be guilty of pandering to prevailing trends, but they are most certainly not bigots. Nor is the Cyberpunk 2077 universe’s creator suffering from internalized racism, which manifests in thinking differently than predominantly white upper-middle-class offended.

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