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Best Free Online Games You Can Play Right Now

Many of the best games in the world aren’t free. Sure, they’re marketed as “free to play.” But if you want to complete your career mode or win multiplayer tournaments, you have to spend money.

Unfortunately, some games end up disappointing even when you pay hundreds of dollars for seasonal passes and in-game features. If you’re looking for some great games to play without spending cash, we’ve got a few recommendations for you. Check them out.


Between its colorful graphics, cheeky characters and insanely huge community, Fortnite can quickly hook you into action. And once you understand how it works, you could spend weeks or months trying to become the best Fortnite player alive.

For the uninitiated, Fortnite is available on Mac, PC, iOS and android devices. The game has several game modes. Battle Royale is the most popular among them. It involves spawning into a fast-shrinking island with 99 more people. Then you battle out until you’re the last person standing.

Like many popular video games, spending money is vital for unlocking advanced skins and rewards. However, this is also a game you can play for hours without the need to spend cash. All you need is to deploy a good strategy after you land on Spawn island and use available resources to your advantage.

Planet Side 2

Before Destiny launched in 2014, Planet Side 2 was everyone’s favorite first-shooter game. Not many free games at the time provided the immersive, action- packed gameplay Planet Side 2 came with free of charge.

For a few years, PlanetSide 2 was so popular that it made it to the Guinness Book of World Records for attracting the highest number of players in a single game: 1283. Although it’s a sequel, PlanetSide 2 didn’t change much from the original game.

The most significantly difference regards territory difference. It’s also faster and allows a lot more players in a game. That said, the game’s core objective remained the same: teams of hundreds or thousands of people battle other teams in the continent of Auraxis.

League of Legends

One of the best eSports games out there, League of Legends, also happens to be free. Sure, it has paid features. But similar to Fortnite, you can play dozens of hours without spending money on weapons and skins.

All you need is to learn how LOL works and the unique traits of “champions.” The game’s objective is to destroy an opponent team’s “nexus” in the quickest amount of time. As mentioned, LOL is an incredibly popular eSports game.

If you’ve ever dreamed of becoming a prof-gamer, this is an excellent game to play. It has over a dozen leagues worldwide, prize pools that start at $2.5 million and over 100 million fans. LOL has a rank-based system for tis players. As such, rising through the ranks is the best way to get recognized by established eSports teams.

Call of Duty: Warzone

Warzone is a free Battle Royale game that takes place in the huge island of Verdansk. Comparatively, Verdansk is larger than the maps in COD: Blackout, Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends.

Unsurprisingly, the game features 150 players and not the standard number of 100 players. After you spawn into the island, you can check prominent places by clicking ‘M.’ These include buy stations, airports, stadiums, contract targets and vehicles.

In case you’re wondering, you can cruise through an SUV, ATV, helicopter, cargo truck or tactical rover. In-game currency is incredibly important in this game.  But you don’t have to take out your credit card.

Killing players, finding cash stashes and finishing contracts are some of the things you can do to earn money. Then you can use it to buy weapon crates, UAV drones, armor plates and Killstreak rewards.

Another amazing feature in Warzone is Gulag. It’s the place you go after you get killed in the Battle Royale Mode. You don’t stay dead in Gulag, though. Instead, you get a chance to fight your way back in Battle Royale. Alternatively, your teammates in Battle Royale can deploy a unique tool to redeploy you back.

StarCraft II

Blizzard’s StarCraft II is one of the most famous eSports games in South Korea. Like many top-tier video games, the free option of StarCraft saves some features for paying customers. Still, to be clear, this game provides numerous freebies.

For example, it has a single-player mode and unranked multiplayer options. There’s also a way into the ranked multiplayer mode—you need to win ten games. That said, this game works on PC and Mac and you’ll need a free account on

StarCraft II is a strategy game involving different campaigns. In Wings of Liberty, you play as a mercenary working for Jim Raynor, the game’s lead character. Raynor mostly takes missions for money.

In Heart of the Swarm, missions are centered on Sarah Kerrigan. The third mission, Legacy of the Void, is centered on tribes working together to stop Amon. Wings of Liberty is the most popular game mode. It has tons of single-player and multiplayer missions, with some featuring alternative ends.

Free Online Slots

If you’re looking for a free game that doesn’t take countless YouTube videos to be an expert at, then try free online slots like these here. There are a number of online slots you can play for fun without having to pay anything.

Many of the top-rated slots like Starburst, Gonzo’s Quest and Thunderstruck II feature demo modes, which are free to play. Use their demo modes to learn how they work while also passing time. If you like the experience, then consider playing these games for real money.

First, look for a great slot site. A good casino is essential for enjoying slots and withdrawing your money stress-free. You probably also value security. So, don’t play slots at any random website.

In case you’re wondering, slots are based on pure chance. Sometimes people try to cheat these games in Las Vegas. But on the Internet, you’ll have more luck playing slots legally than trying to cheat.

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