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1498070cookie-checkSix did the right thing by killing the bully in Little Nightmares 2

Six did the right thing by killing the bully in Little Nightmares 2

Little Nightmares 2 is one of my favorite games. I am a Little Nightmares fan and have been a fan since playing the first game years ago. The Little Nightmares fandom is awesome, and I will always be part of it. However, today I am going to offer a critique of popular theories in the fandom, a theory that seems to be unfortunately encouraged by the game itself. That theory is the idea that Six is slowly turning evil throughout the game of Little Nightmares 2.

People offer these pieces of “evidence” as proof: Six breaking dummy fingers. Six warming herself by the fire as the Doctor burns. Six kicking the viewer’s dead body. Lastly, Six killing the bully in the school.

First of all, how is it bad to break the fingers of an inactive dummy? Even if it was active, these things are their enemies – and come to life and attack Six and Mono. Breaking them into pieces is the smart thing to do. Warming herself by the fire? So what? Mono is the one who (rightly) killed the Doctor. Who CARES that Six warmed herself by the fire? And for the record, Mono was 100% right to toast that evil Doctor in the oven. The players who think that sparing him is the moral choice seem to be under the impression that every game is Undertale. Kicking the Viewer’s bodies? I don’t remember that, but again, who cares?

Six killings a Bully? This is the criticism that annoys me the most! Mono killed MANY Bullies up until that moment – many of which were ambushed in the exact same way. The only difference is that Six doesn’t have a hammer. The people who say that choking someone with your hands is “worse” than hammering their skull – what is the basis for this flawed argument? These Bullies were a threat and they had just abducted Six. I 100% support her thrashing every bully she comes in contact with. And I direct my criticism on this point to the game developers as much as to the fans – because it was their choice to imply that Six’s justified kill was “evil” when they played the dark music. Sorry, but the devs attempt to manipulate us into thinking it’s okay for Mono to kill Bullies but not Six is not working on me.

The fact that the developers decided to have “evil” music playing when Six struck back is very disappointing. Why did they not play that music when Mono was killing bullies? Is it because girls aren’t allowed to fight back while boys can? I know, the devs don’t think this, which makes their decision to judge Six all the more perplexing.

Six, you did awesomely. Don’t listen to the haters!

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