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1498140cookie-checkThe Future’s Market: Wow Classic TBC
10 May 2021

The Future’s Market: Wow Classic TBC

Time is running out. The Burning Crusade is looming ever closer and the market is in absolute shambles as people hurry to gather what they need. But for a player with a little extra gold on hand who hopes to play the auction house, just how exactly will you gain the upper hand?

               The key to making a lot of gold during this volatile period is to buy items that players will need a lot of to level their professions. These include cloths, leathers and ores for Blacksmithing, Leatherworking and Tailoring professions. Materials needed for Tailoring professions will be especially chaotic, as almost every warlock, mage and priest will need to have level 375 of tailoring.

               It is also worthwhile to look ahead and see what materials will be needed for leveling from 300 to 375. For example, Golden Sansam will be needed to progress Alchemy, and Dream Dust will be needed for Enchanting, so it may be worthwhile to stock up now and start selling when TBC is finally released.

               Regardless of what you choose, it is important to remember that you will need at least five-thousand gold if you plan to get an epic flying mount right off the bat, along with thousands more for more bag space and better gear. It is also important to note that gold gain from GDKPs will likely be lowered sincep layer are not willing to spend thousands for soon-to-be irrelevant gear.

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