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Computer Video Games of the Future – How Will It Work?

Many fans of both video games and online casino games for real money, already now come to a quiet and obscene surprise at the choices that the gaming and gambling industry makes today. But let’s think about how all this will change in the near future.

DVD Drives Will Disappear, as Will Physical Copies of Games

So, the first thing that will happen is the withering away of such a phenomenon as a physical copy of the game. Everything will go into numbers. First, there will be nowhere to store a bunch of boxes of games, because the housing of the future will gradually decrease. Look at futuristic Japan and you will understand what we are talking about. Second, collectors who need a physical copy will be replaced by the general idea of pragmatism: the digital will be cheaper. Game companies and hardware companies will kill the DVD drive at the same time: some will stop releasing games on discs, while others will announce the discontinuation of the drives themselves.

Streaming Will Defeat Everyone

There will also be problems with video cards and other hardware. The endless race of terabytes, gigabytes, and teraflops will end in unexpected ways: streaming will replace the standard method of playing a video game. The Internet will be everywhere. It will be possible to come to grandmother’s in the village, go to the barn, stick a plugin a penny to the nearest pig, and broadband Internet will flow from there. Therefore, streaming will defeat everyone. It, of course, will not be able to show the quality that ordinary games recorded on a hard disk will show, but the developers will be cunning and assure gamers that this is how it should be and that you will not find anything more beautiful. Gamers themselves, whose taste and self-respect will be completely destroyed, will lose the last rudiments of sophistication and will be happy with everything. 

The Internet Will Be Super Fast and Accessible

Now its speed is limited by the physical properties of the wires along which information runs, but over time, new chemical compounds will be invented that will increase the flow rate by hundreds of times. Moreover, finally, technologies will appear that will allow us to extract normal Internet from satellite communications so that you can play your favorite MMO somewhere in the forest, or in a meadow, especially since the batteries will become even more powerful by that time. Although a real revolution in the creation of rechargeable batteries will never happen, and this will greatly slow down the development of electronics, and especially virtual reality.

Virtual Reality Will Not Be in Demand

Virtual reality will never take off, remaining nothing more than an attraction, and will turn sour, like sour, once 3D cinema. It will get worn out for a while, but then it will get bored completely, and large companies will invest less and less money in VR projects. This is because helmets will never be able to get full autonomy, and the inventors of batteries will not dare to offer something really outstanding. So, VR-helmets in the gaming environment will remain something at the level of the steering wheel controller, which is taken out from the mezzanine only on special occasions. But in other areas, especially in the field of training all kinds of specialists, virtual reality, and augmented reality will remain in demand.

The Perfect Artificial Intelligence Will Never Be Invented

Such a step will be inevitable, since artificial intelligence will never be able to even come close to human intelligence, and no, even the most cunning bot, will turn out to be as interesting as a real opponent. Therefore, bots will be controlled by real people: simple altruistic gamers, or special people with a salary. Becoming a bot manager will be the easiest way to earn money for every young person who is too lazy to look for a full-time job.

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