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29 June 2021

The Basic Online Blackjack Strategy

Many games are luck-based in online casinos and can be played by anyone without previous knowledge or strategy. However, that’s not the case with blackjack. It is a game of skills and strategy that requires all the brainpower to stay one step ahead of the house.

Online blackjack is nearly the same as the game played in traditional physical casino games. There is only social pressure, and you cannot use “forbidden” strategies as counting cards are the only differences.

To become a successful blackjack player online, all you need is to master the basic blackjack strategy.

How to build the basic blackjack strategy

The basic online blackjack strategy is the easiest way to play and win in an online casino. Not only that, but it also reduces the winning chances for the house by tenfold. It is a strategy that has been based on a formula that calculates the best way to play your hand. 

In essence, it is a strategy that teaches players how to manage their chips and plan their moves in advance. This strategy is applicable after receiving the second card. The next moves are the following options: hit, stand, double, split, surrender.

For newbies in the online blackjack, we are going to explain what all these terms mean.

  • Hit – the play that adds a card to the player’s hand
  • Stand – the play that the dealer does not add any more cards for the players
  • Double – the play when players double your bet 
  • Split – the play splits the current player pair into two hands 

If you don’t want to overthink it when you need to make your move, luckily, there are online blackjack card sheets that tell you what your next move should be. 

For instance, if you get a six a five, and the house gets a nine. What should your next move be? Well, the sum of your cards is 11, and you should look for H11 in the basic blackjack chart. After that, you check under the house row for the number nine and see what you get. For this instance, the graph will recommend going for a hit even if you have a higher number than the house.

Some players, rather than using the chart, put their faith in the online blackjack calculator. It is based on the same principles as the chart, but it is easier to use for new players. 

Other things players need to know about Blackjack strategies

Choose a blackjack game that has player edge advantage

In general, blackjack games can use one or more decks. That plays a massive role in whether you have an advantage in the game or not and allows players to use “counting cards” strategies. In online casinos, counting cards is possible but hard to implement because of the following reasons:

  • There are rarely blackjack games with only one deck.
  • The cards are randomly generated, and card counting is nearly impossible
  • The house edge increases as more decks are played in the game

Even though one-deck games are a rare occurrence in online blackjack, if you stumble upon one, play it because the odds are on your side!

Not all blackjack games are the same

Well, if you thought that all blackjack games online are the same, then you are wrong. Different blackjack variants have their own rules. This means that not all online blackjack strategies would work in these games. Each of these games has its own meta, that changes the game fundamentally. If you want to apply and adapt the basic online blackjack strategy, one should first learn the main difference. The most popular online blackjack variants are the following: American Blackjack, Spanish 21 and European blackjack.


As we said, blackjack is a game that requires a lot of thinking and implementation of strategies. It might look complicated on the surface, but it is easy to understand, especially the basic strategy after studying it thoroughly. For winning, other than strategies, a lot of patience and concentration is required. Once you have all three, nothing is stopping you from winning multiple blackjack games in a row. 

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