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14 July 2021

Jennifer Hale’s “Villain” Character is What it’s All About in Steamdolls Metroidvania

The upcoming Steamdolls metroidvania will feature the epic Jennifer Hale acting for the ultimate enemy the player will face. The announcement:

Jennifer Hale, the absolute star behind the most iconic voices of legendary video games (Commander Shepard in the original Mass Effect Trilogy, Naomi Hunter in the Metal Gear Series, Samus Aran in the Metroid Prime Trilogy and more) joins the cast as the ultimate enemy of the Whisper over the course of the entire game.”

We can also confirm that Jennifer Hale will be singing a song that will play in Steamdolls. Go to YouTube and search Jennifer Hale Never. Beautiful song, right? I’m excited for when it will play – maybe the end credits?

But who is this villain character that Jennifer Hale will voice? And why did I put villain in quotation marks, as if I did not believe she was a villain? I’ll explain shortly, but first you should know that very little is known about her character. Here is a picture:

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Pretty strong beautiful woman, right? One can imagine her working out angrily in a tank top as she imagines killing the Whisper, the main character in the game. Even not wearing a tank top, you can see her arm muscles bulging in her shirt. This is not an opponent to be taken lightly!

Here is why I think she MIGHT be objectively good. In Steamdolls, you play as the mask wearing Whisper, a mask wearing anarchist who is trying to overthrow an oppressive tyranny that has destroyed nature. The Inquisitor (Jennifer Hale’s character) gets called in to kill the Whisper. So she’s the villain, right? Not so fast. You see, the Whisper is a misanthrope who despises humanity. There is no indication that he is fighting the evil government to better the lives of humanity, and it is possible that he has no problem hurting innocent people to get what he wants. Some characters, like the cute socialist girl Belinda, are actively trying to help innocent people as they resist the evil government, but if the Whisper hates all humans, then we may find ourselves rooting for Jennifer Hale’s Inquisitor$

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