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The Sixth Characters That Make Samurai Game Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut Exciting

Curious who are the characters who make the Samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima, also appear in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut? Here’s the discussion!

All of you as fans of the Samurai game genre will definitely like the open-world game by Sucker Punch studio titled Ghost of Tsushima. After the success of the release of the game, which was played by many people in 2020, August 20, 2021, became the day for the release of the upgraded version of the game entitled Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut.

How is Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut different from its predecessor Ghost of Tsushima? The latest version of this Samurai game will present a new island that can be explored called Iki Island with additional stories and missions that are increasingly exciting and challenging. Curious who are the characters who make the Samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima, also appear in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut? Here’s the discussion!

Ghost Of Tsushima Director’s Cut – Characters

1. Jin Sakai

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Jin Sakai is the main protagonist of the game Samurai Ghost of Tsushima. Raised as a samurai, Jin was steadfast, quiet, and always kept his cool. Having been taught to control his emotions, Jin rarely gets angry or raises his voice. Throughout the game, he is shown to be kind, courteous, sympathetic to the residents of Tsushima, and always shows appreciation to those who help him.

He is a humble samurai, hardly ever showing any signs of arrogance, though he demands respect for his status as a samurai. He is also very funny at times, often in the form of sharp comments.

Jin initially adhered to the samurai code of honor as Lord Shimura did, but became very disillusioned after the samurai was badly beaten at Komoda Beach and nearly died at the hands of Khotun Khan at Kaneda Castle. Realizing that the Mongols took advantage of the weakness of the samurai code of honor against Tsushima, Jin chose to start adopting pragmatic methods against the Mongols.

2. Lord Shimura

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Lord Shimura is the tritagonist of the game Samurai Ghost of Tsushima. He is Jito or the ruler of Tsushima who was appointed by the Shogun who led Japan. He is also Jin Sakai’s maternal uncle. After Jin’s father died, Shimura continued his training for Jin on the path of a samurai.

Lord Shimura is a staunch defender of the traditional samurai code of honor, courage, and loyalty. At first, he appears as a wise, caring, and respectable man who strictly adheres to the samurai code, but as time goes on, more of Lord Shimura’s negative qualities are shown.

Shimura had views that went against the beliefs he always spoke of, making him a hypocrite. Because he insisted that the samurai should be an example of honor and courage to the common people, Shimura showed himself to be classy and viewed ordinary soldiers as something to be sacrificed and only acknowledged the deeds of samurai or higher caste society. He curses Yuna for her past as a thief and shows no gratitude to her for saving Jin, her nephew, after the failed battle at Komoda Beach.

3. Khotun Khan

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Khotun Khan is the main antagonist of the Samurai Ghost of Tsushima game. He was the cunning and ruthless leader of the Mongol Empire troops who attacked Tsushima on the orders of his cousin Khagan Kublai Khan.

Khotun Khan proved to be greatly feared by his enemies, and highly respected by his troops. His authority among his men was unquestionable, and they were willing to use any tactic to defeat Khan’s enemies. His ruthlessness and lack of honor were shown when he used a wine glass and torch to burn Lord Adachi after challenging him to a duel. He was also more than willing to use brute force against civilians, including armed monks.

Despite his ruthlessness, Khan turns out to be compassionate, if that serves his purpose. He was willing to offer forgiveness to those who gave up and fought for him. Usually, he takes advantage of people who are in desperate situations, such as when Ryuzo and his men starve and lose their fight. He uses this “divide and conquers” strategy to turn his enemies against each other, making his conquests easier. In his own words, he knew “which villages to tame, and which villages to burn.”

4. Yuna


Yuna is the deuteragonist of the Samurai Ghost of Tsushima game. A skilled thief and island native, Yuna assists Jin Sakai in battling the Mongol forces on Tsushima.

Toughened by her difficult and traumatic past, Yuna is a smart woman and can be cruel at times, but is actually a very loving person. This loyal woman is the one who helps Jin Sakai who lost the battle at Komodo Beach.

5. Kenji

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Kenji is a Tsushima farmer in this Samurai Ghost of Tsushima game. He is a sake salesman and con man who often gets into trouble which he often solves by creating other problems that other people have to help solve. He became Jin Sakai’s companion during his escape mission in the Mongol-occupied Azamo Bay and has since been the core of the Jin warrior network against the Khotun Khan army.

Kenji often behaves casually but suspiciously. He would pretend to be optimistic when he needed to convince someone else to get involved in one of his plans, he tried to narrate a situation that was much lighter and less dangerous than what actually happened.

6. Lady Masako

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Lady Masako Adachi is Jin Sakai’s ally in this Samurai Ghost of Tsushima game and the only survivor of the Adachi Clan. Masako Adachi is a wise, compassionate, and kind woman, with a calm demeanor beyond the composure of any Samurai. However, many of his traits were suppressed by grief and anger after the horrific massacre of his entire clan and family.

Masako quickly kills the people involved in her family’s murder. He even killed people who proudly confessed his actions in a manner unbecoming of a Samurai. Monk Junshin almost fell victim to Masako’s wrath but survived only because Jin Sakai was able to fend him off in a duel until he came to his senses.

Well, that’s the discussion of 6 characters that make the Samurai game, Ghost of Tsushima, also appear in Ghost of Tsushima Director’s Cut. Who do you think is the coolest character in this game? Can you write it in the comments column?

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