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Best guide on how to use Discord on Smartphones and PCs to Play Games with Friends 2021

Ever heard of the name Discord? Discord is a free voice chat application that can be used to communicate. Usually, this application is used by online game players. Later, the application, which was released in 2015, is back on the rise. In fact, the number of people who download Discord is reported to be increasing rapidly thanks to the popularity of the game made by InnerSloth, Among Us.

Among gamers in general, Discord itself is commonly used as an alternative communication tool. Because not a few games they play have an in-game voice chat with poor quality. In fact, there are some who do not have a voice chat feature, even though the game can be played online with friends, one of which is the Among Us game. Discord itself is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and iOS devices.

The application can be downloaded at the following link. Users can also chat with relatives while playing games, even if they install Discord on different devices.

Check below on How to Use Discord

So, how to use the application? Check out how to use Discord on the following smartphone and PC platforms. How to use Discord on a smartphone, First of all, download the Discord app via the link above. Then, open the Discord application and log in using the account that was created by clicking the “Login” button. If you don’t have one, click the “Register” button to create a new account.

Cara membuat server Discord.

After successfully logging in, click the “+” icon in the row of bubbles on the left. Then, select “Create Server” and enter the server name. Don’t be fooled, the server here is the term for the virtual room that we will create. When you have finished naming the room, click the “Create Server” button.

On the next page, users will be presented with a page to share the server link, activate the “Set this link to never expire” toggle, and click the “Share Link” button to share the link. Then, click the “X” icon in the upper left corner.

Done, the Discord server has been created successfully. The main display that will be seen first has the main function for conversations via text or chat.

Cara membuka voice chat di server Discord.

Now, to use the voice chat service, select the “three horizontal lines” menu located in the upper left corner. Then, and click the “General” sub-menu located under the “Voice Channels” menu. Then, click the “Join Voice” button. After that, the voice chat service is already active and will run in the background and can be used to communicate while playing games.

To add a friend, click the “+” icon. Then to end the voice chat, the user simply presses the red “x” button to end the call. How to use Discord on a PC How to create a server on the PC version of Discord is more or less the same as the smartphone version. In the first step, users are required to download, install, and log in using the Discord account that has been created.

Cara membuat server Discord di PC Windows 10.

On the main page, you can also click the “+” icon in the row of bubble menus on the left to create a server. The difference lies in the next step, where the PC version of Discord provides several server templates that can be used, such as Gaming, Friends, Study Group, and so on. Later, these various templates will provide a number of channels (channels) that have been created, so users don’t have to bother to make them themselves.

Cara bergabung dengan server Discord di PC Windows 10.

Once selected, enter the desired server name in the fields provided and click the “Create” button. Just like on a smartphone, you will then be presented with the main view of the server that has been created. Here, click on the “General” menu under “Voice Channels” to enable voice chat.

The service can be stopped by clicking on the “phone” icon at the very bottom of the menu that says “General”. How to join friends In order for your friends to log in and have a voice chat with you, they must have the Discord server link that you created in advance.

Cara bergabung dengan server Discord.

Your friends can then click the “+” icon on the main Discord page (both smartphone and PC versions) and select the “Join a Server” option. Then, enter the shared link in the field provided and click the “Join Server” button. Finally, click the “Accept Invite” button. A few moments later, your friend will be presented with the main view of the room that you have created. Here, click on the “General” channel under the “Voice Channels” menu, just like how to activate the voice chat service earlier. You and your friends can also click on other channels, starting with the hashtag (#) to activate voice services, as long as they’re still under the “Voice Channels” menu. 

Good luck!

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