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Some Indie Games Are Better Than Big-Budget AAA Games

So many video games are available that it’s difficult to play them all in one lifetime. As a result, we’ll need to be more selective about the games we play. Formerly, the best indie games were overlooked, discussed in passing on gaming forums, and rarely considered for awards, overshadowed by annual releases and the millions of dollars spent animating a protagonist’s eyebrows. But now, indie games are getting the attention they deserve. Not anymore, unfortunately. It’s small games like Undertale that people remember the most.


celeste 1

There is a peculiar storyline behind The Last of Us, which makes it a great platforming game with a unique platforming difficulty (the player must make precision moves in a manner unlike most other games). As long as the game is in the forefront, that is. Celeste follows a young lady as she struggles to overcome her disbelief and anxiousness. Due to the mountain’s power, her burden has taken physical shape.



As much as I love Furi, I think The Game Bakers should start paying me for it. There are few games as exciting as taking on a succession of monsters in a neon nightmare environment, and it’s one of the best of 2016. This gun-and-bullet fever dream has a fantastic soundtrack, stunning graphics, and a punishing difficulty that’s almost endearing. More people should play Furi. Furi, rapidly becoming the home for amazing indie games like this one.



Dark Souls has shown a demand for tough games, but not many popular developers are creating them. If their games are too tough, do they fear that people would not want to play them? Game designers that make games with a high level of difficulty can attract a large audience. With the game’s stunning visuals and soundtrack, there’s no excuse not to take it up and give it your best go.

Papers, Please – Stress (A comprehensive Indie game):

papers please

Video games will soon cast us as border officers in imaginary dystopian countries. No one should be spoiled on this game. You must go for it. After a few minutes, it will click. Papers, Please, is a compelling read once you have a grasp of the storyline.

The Forest:

Indie games are better.

A 3D environment this dynamic and lively could only be created by teams with a lot more personnel, making it a controversial choice. A natural killing crazy might expect some similarly wild problems in the game.

Players assume the role of a parent who must locate his son after they crash land on an unfriendly peninsula with a pack of wild animals on their tails. It’s a survival game, but it’s elegant, like The Long Dark. Whether played alone or with the company, the Forest is a testament to the strength of perseverance: it spent many years in Early Access before becoming the treasure it is today.



This one is not for people who aren’t puzzle-lovers. When the player tries to solve one of the game’s short riddles, gorgeous graphics and soothing music can only go so far. People who haven’t played Fez at some time have heard about it. Everyone should give it a try, we believe. Players who persevere will find one of the most rewarding puzzle games available.

As indie games have shown, a video game doesn’t have to have a big budget, several teams, or many buzzes to be a hit in the 21st century. Those are some of the best examples that the little men can provide you with. In addition to being a live list of the best indie games, this list is not in any particular order and will most certainly be obsolete tomorrow when the next big, tiny thing rolls around.

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