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10 August 2021

Review Moonlight Sculptor – Success Adaptation Game?

Moonlight Sculptor is an MMORPG game from South Korea adapted from a novel entitled The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor written by Heesung Nam. Before being released in the global version, this game was first released on Korean servers.

With fairly high interest, lovers of The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor are busy playing the game released by Kakao Games. On May 24, the game adaptation was finally officially released on the Southeast Asia (SEA) server.

Since its release, every server has been filled with players from Southeast Asia. Even though it only has five servers, Moonlight Sculptor is able to accommodate many players thanks to a channel system that divides the player’s scope. No wonder, if the players on each server look very busy and active.

Apart from server services and the hype from the novel, what are the interesting things that Moonlight Sculptor offers as a mobile MMORPG game? Then, is this game worth playing in the long run?

Moonlight Sculptor Expectation

The “Choose Love” Class System

image 38

A typical MMORPG game in general, Moonlight Sculptor offers five classes, namely Warrior, Archer, Mage, Paladin, and Alchemist. The five classes have different fighting styles, of course. You can adjust your playing style preferences with the desired class.

At first glance, the five classes are quite generic like other MMORPG games. Well, this is where this game comes with a surprise in the form of a hidden class named Sculptor.

As a hidden class, Sculptor was endowed with slightly superior performance compared to the other five classes. Relying on high critical attacks, Sculptor can deal high damage in PvE or PvP mode. This condition has finally made Sculptor the most popular class to use today.

image 39

With a total of six classes available, Moonlight Sculptor should be able to provide a balance of power between classes. So that there is no more superior and favorite class in the game.

Unfortunately, this has not yet been realized. Moonlight Sculptor failed to balance the class properly. Because, there are several classes that are stronger than others, such as Sculptor or Archer.

On the other hand, a class like Paladin is a class that performs quite low. It’s no wonder that Paladins are rarely used nowadays. In fact, ideally, MMORPG games have a balance of power in each class so that players can play different roles without any “favoritism” against certain classes.

No Special Features

Features are the main dish in the MMORPG game. Unfortunately, the features offered by Moonlight Sculptor are fairly ordinary. In fact, you can find these features in other MMORPG Mobile game titles.

Moonlight Sculptor offers fairly standard PvE and PvP features, ranging from dungeons, raids, duels, or Player-Kill (PK). At first glance, there is nothing special about the game features offered.

You can play these features automatically via auto-play. As a player, you will only watch your character complete each feature without needing to be controlled. This makes this game quite suitable actually for casual players. However, for hardcore players, Moonlight Sculptor is not the ideal game.

Standart Gameplay Mechanism

In terms of gameplay, Moonlight Sculptor has a very standard mechanism. The players will be given a row of skills according to the selected class. Then, players are given a mission to kill a certain number of monsters.

However, it should be noted, there is an auto feature that makes players do not need to do anything. So, if you look at the gameplay, this game is fairly standard or commonly found in other MMORPG Mobile games.

Two Thumbs up for the Exploration System!

image 40

As a mobile  MMORPG game, Moonlight Sculptor managed to offer a very interesting exploration aspect, from the story to the features in it. Perhaps, the only interesting exploration is the hidden class in the game.

Well, as a hidden class, Sculptor can only be obtained through available quests if players decide not to choose a class at the beginning of character creation.

In addition to hidden classes, Moonlight Sculptor also has hidden quests. As a hidden mission, players are required to rack their brains to complete it. These conditions will force players to explore every corner of the game from reading every quest description to looking for points of interest in the map.

Such a large exploration offer makes Moonlight Sculptor an interesting MMORPG to try out. The players will not only be stuck in a monotonous routine, such as daily quests that are commonly present in MMORPG Mobile.

So far, the author himself still doesn’t know at what point the exploration will end. Will there be additional interesting end-game content in the future? We’ll just have to wait for the next update!

Unsatisfactory Performance

image 41

Moonlight Sculptor has had a fairly poor performance so far. With very low optimization, players will often find a little laggy in the game. The poor game performance arises from two main factors, namely smartphone specifications and latency.

Even if your smartphone meets standard requirements, you must have experienced lag during the game. Because Moonlight Sculptor turns out to be very demanding specifications that are very high than the standard requirements listed.

For example, if you are in an area with many players, you will experience a decrease in fps—even freeze for a while.

On the other hand, the need for an internet connection also greatly determines the performance of Moonlight Sculptor. As an MMORPG game, this game is very sensitive to latency or connection barriers. When your connection drops just a little, its performance will decrease drastically even in a short time.

This poor performance results in an unsatisfactory playing experience. This is the reason why Moonlight Sculptor is actually only suitable to be played on devices with very high specifications to get a satisfying gaming experience without obstacles.

The Pay-to-Win Elements That Still Feel

image 42

The pay-to-win element will never seem to disappear from a mobile MMORPG that can be played for free. In Moonlight Sculptor, the players who had the “deep pockets” would be much superior.

With Premium currency, players can collect materials, buffs, and gems with very high strength. No wonder, players who are willing to spend money in the game will have a much stronger character than players who play without spending money.

For some people, the pay-to-win element is very detrimental. The reason is that players who spend money will be successful and it is much easier to win in the PvP feature. This makes the game feel unfair.

However, some other players, normalize the pay-to-win element. There are players who generally just want to have fun, so they don’t think too much about the large pay-to-win element in Moonlight Sculptor.

Moonlight Sculptor is a Mobile MMORPG game that is quite interesting to try because it offers deep and very diverse elements of exploration. However, as a whole, this game has not actually succeeded in offering interesting and unique game features, because almost all of its features are quite common in other Mobile MMORPG games.

What do you think about the Moonlight Sculptor game review above? Are you interested in trying it? Please write your opinion in the comments column. Also, keep up with the latest reviews about mobile games only on Our Website, OK!

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