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3 August 2021

Top 5 Casino Video Games To Play

Today we are going to present to you the 5 best video games with casino minigames that are worthy of your attention. These are minigames built-in large video games that are actually very popular titles. The 5 best minigames are free to play and they do deserve your attention. Online casino industry breathing is stunning these days and it brings so much. We must add that the link between gambling and gaming is strong and never was more pronounced. You may believe that the only game of this kind is Red Dead Redemption 2 or grand theft auto San Andreas. In reality, there are a lot more options to choose from as you shall see below.

The Sims 3

Source: The Sims

This is one of the most popular games and the one that deserves your full attention. You will have to purchase the addition called Lucky Simoleon Casino DLC and add it to the game. As soon as you are done, poker, blackjack, roulette, and video slots become available. This is an excellent addition to modern video games and something players accepted with pleasure. Now you can play an even more realistic game and enjoy it more. Of them all, slot machines are the most popular addition to the game and they are the most casino games.

If you want to try and play at the best online casinos, you will need to check out the reviews and find one that matches your criteria just perfectly. You can easily find the best online casino within seconds and spin the reels. You can check out the reviews of the best sites and learn all there is a need to know.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Grand Theft Auto
Source: GTA

Right now, Grand Theft Auto online is an extremely appealing option. There you can experience a Diamond casino & resort which is something special. This version of Grand Theft Auto has the same perk and in this case, it is better than you may believe. The games are located in Las Venturas city and there are 10 establishments you can visit and enjoy. Here you can play table games such as poker, blackjack, and roulette but also video slots. Some players are more interested in  project gotham racing 2 while others prefer early 90s gangster rap music and establishments for gamblers. Thanks to the perks in the aforementioned game you will want to learn how to choose the right online casino and test your luck. Top video games allow you to enjoy so much these days including mini casino games that offer realistic Las Vegas experience where real money playing is common.

Far Cry 3

Far Cry
Source: Far Cry

One of the many goals of this game is to capture outposts and use them. Well, some of these offer a card game known as Texas Hold ’em, poker. This is an extremely desirable game of this kind and one that will keep you busy for days. It is common in Las Vegas as well and it has been enjoyed by millions of players all around the globe. Maybe Red dead offers great video game additions, but Far Cry 3 does it as well. The game is complicated so you may need a guideline to reach higher levels and to be a successful player.

Far Cry 3 is an excellent example of how an ordinary game can be better with poker or any other development of the same type. If you like Super Mario Bros or you like open-world titles, this is something you must check.

Pokemon RBY

Pokemon 1
Source: Pokemon

Pokemon RBY was a game designed for children. As such, it is the last place where players would expect slot options. Well, there are many slot games you can experience here. The goal is to earn extra coins and it actually worked well. The only issue is as we have mentioned, this is a game for children. Anyway, if you are an adult, you can try it. There are cheats and guides on how you can win a lot which are useful and are very appealing. Some players even say that this is the best casino and offers the best mini games. We are not certain about that but we agree that these are a desirable option and they can make your gaming even better.

Leisure Suit Larry

Leisure Suit Larry
Source: Leisure Larry

The goal of this title is to help Larry find a lady. The title was released in 1987 so you can see that the graphics and all the rest are extremely basic. But, one thing we liked is the ability to visit a casino. The title looks interesting in the lack of a better word and only basic options are available. However, if you are one of the retro gamers and you want to check out this option, we highly recommend it. The theme, design, and options are not something you can see in the Final Fantasy series or anywhere in the world.


As you can see, there are full-size, mega games that offer casino options as well. As we have stated at the beginning, these are added to provide more options and to put a smile on the face of gamblers. These are truly impressive perks and something all of you need to check out and see how they can benefit from it. Pick a casino in a title you like and have fun. The best part is the fact you can still enjoy the main title and use these as relaxing additional elements that have a huge importance on fun, not the actual gameplay.

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