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Valorant Review – 5 Most GG Agents Used in Map Split

Valorant agents who can take advantage of space and detect the presence of enemies have an advantage in the Split map.

As a competitive tactical FPS game, Valorant has several maps that you can use. Each map also has different characteristics. Therefore, you must adapt these characteristics to certain tactics or strategies, such as in determining Agents for example.

There are several Agents who have different unique skills that you can choose based on the map. Some time ago, I discussed Agents that are suitable for use in the Icebox and Ascent maps. Next, I will give you suggestions for Agents that you should use in the Split map.

5 Most GG Agents on Map Split Valorant

1. Cypher

Cypher Valorant.

Cypher is a Sentinel-type Agent. He has the ability to set traps such as Trapwire and Cyber Cage which are useful for detecting the presence of enemies.

In addition to these two abilities, there is also a Spycam skill that can see the surrounding area using Cypher’s CCTV. From these abilities, Cypher can be one of the characters who can maximize his potential when playing on the Split map.

In this map, there are many setup opportunities that Cypher can do. Bombsite B is the most appropriate place for Cypher to set up his abilities when defending.

2. Breach

So, for Agents who have an Initiator type, the Breach ability can be troublesome and make the enemy difficult because of the effects of stuns and blinds issued. If Breach’s skills such as Flashpoint, Fault Linem, and Rolling Thunder are removed, the results will be terrible when combined in the Split map.

When you use Breach in this map, you can make the enemy go from his place because of the various abilities he has. This ability of Breach makes time effective to get your team to where they are going.

3. Omen

Omen Valorant.

Omen has a role as a controller and can move places that are the blind side of the enemy and provide an advantage for his team. When the enemy is not aware of his existence he can finish off the enemy and give his team a chance to secure the area.

In addition, Omen is also the best smoke ability in Valorant. Having a fairly wide range of skill placements, Omen can also freely use his abilities from a considerable distance.

One of Omen’s skills, Paranoia, will be useful for you when attacking or defending. In addition, smoke and ultimate teleport from Omen can make enemy movements hampered. Omen is an Agent who has various abilities because he can emit smoke and blinds in sequence.

4. Raze

Raze Valorant.

Raze is an agent who has the role of a Duelist. He has the task of starting his team into the battle area.

Having Boombot, Satchel, and grenade abilities will make Raze a favorite Duelist used in the Split map. This ability can start a battle or clear the enemy from places that endanger the team.

Split is arguably the favorite map for those of you who want to use Raze as a Duelist. Raze’s ability, which is an area skill, will provide a lot of advantages.

If you use a satchel, you can fly high into the air and provide better visibility. This satchel can be combined with the ultimate Raze if there are enemies in sight.

5. Jett

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Jett is an Agent of Duelist type and has the ability to move quickly and soar into the air within a certain time. Through his abilities, Jett has an advantage when playing on the Split map. This ability will support him to become a capable Duelist in Split.

When playing in Split, Jett can use the Operator from the vent area to be able to control the mid area, one of the most crucial areas in Split. He can also rotate quickly from site A to B.

In addition, Jett can also clear the site first when attacking, or when the enemy has mastered it first because of his abilities such as dashes and fast updrafts.

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