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12 September 2021

Gaming Addiction a Growing Problem

There is a pretty equal division between males and women in the gaming community. Women play more puzzle and word games, while males prefer online role-playing multiplayer games like Call of Duty or Halo. And it’s the kind of games that males play that lead to addiction to video games and dire health consequences.

“It is almost like gaming world and the actual world flip, and a person spends more time in the game world than out of it,” explains Jason Conover, who has a license at the Utah Valley Hospital. As with any dependence, the brain changes from the prefrontal cortex to limbic activity and is not just knowledge, but also compassion and emotional drive.”

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Types of Gaming Addiction:

Gaming Addiction

Two primary kinds of video games exist and thus two main kinds of addiction to video games. Standard video games are usually intended for a single player and include a defined objective or purpose, such as rescuing a princess. The addiction in these games is typically associated with fulfilling this objective or a score or default. The other form of video game addiction is connected with online multiplayer gaming.

The games are played online with others and are particularly addicting because they don’t usually finish. Gamers with this sort of addiction like establishing an online character momentarily. They frequently develop relationships as an escape from reality with other online gamers. For some people, this group might be the most welcoming place they feel.

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Emotional Symptoms of Gaming Addiction:

Some of the emotional indicators of addiction to video games include:

  • Feeling restless or irritant when they cannot play
  • Concern with ideas about previous online activities or anticipation of the following online session
  • Concerning how much time is spent playing with friends or family
  • Isolation from others to spend more time playing

Physical Symptoms of Gaming Addiction:

Some physical symptoms or indications of addiction to video games include:

  • Fatigue
  • Intensive concentration or strained eye migraines
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome from controller or computer mouse usage
  • Bad personal hygiene

Effects of Gaming Addiction:

Effects of Gaming Addiction

Video game addiction might, like any other compulsive illness, have serious detrimental consequences. Most of the symptoms mentioned above are short-term; they may have severe long-term implications unless adequately addressed. For instance, addicts to video games usually refrain from eating or sleeping. Although hunger and fatigue might have a short-term effect, sleep disruption or food-related health issues can gradually develop. And you might miss family gatherings, excursions with friends, or short-term activities if you are secluded from others to play video games. However, if this stays a pattern for an extended period, addicts are free of friends.

The financial, intellectual, and employment implications are other long-term effects of video game addiction. Current expenses like the high-speed Internet connection necessary for multiplayer online games may be quite expensive for both Video games and Video Game equipment in particular. These games also take time and allow obsessive players to focus on their studies or careers with less time.

Getting Help:

Gaming Addiction

Get help from your doctor or therapist – or a physician for your child if your son or daughter is the person you are concerned about – when you think that time to spend is gambling is going out.

Early phases also include studies on the treatment of video game addiction. CBT or cognitive behavioral therapy is a therapy that can be helpful. This is therapy for mental health that teaches you how to alter your minds by substituting ideas regarding gambling.

A therapist can help you if you have difficulty saying no and setting boundaries on your child’s playtime. One research revealed that it works better if parents are involved in a child’s treatment.

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