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How to Invest in Esports

There are lots of benefits, but also potential downsides to investing. After all, there are so many factors affecting the stock market that it’s difficult to make a wise decision. To that end, it would be better to stick to what you know when deciding where to invest your money, but also remember to do research.

Right now eSports is massive and for many older investors, this might seem like uncharted territory, whereas millennials are all too familiar with it. To anyone who believes this is not serious and it is just a fleeting trend, bear in mind that an academy for eSports will soon be live. Meaning, this is here to stay, and it is a factor that heavily affects the gaming industry. So, let’s see what are some best ways to invest in eSports.  

Investing in Game Developer Companies

Video games are a central part of the eSports industry. Therefore, when we talk about eSports investments we are practically talking about investing with game development companies. Currently, the biggest companies on the eSports scene are Electronic Arts (EA), Activision Blizzard,  and Tencent. Now, this does not mean simply invest in these companies, it’s more of a suggestion to follow industry news related to these companies.

These are big corporations with lots of ups and downs. Monitoring the news will let you know whether to invest more or pull out your investment. Also, it could be wise to purchase the stocks while they are cheaper, as all of these companies are likely to recover from a rough patch.

If you are a gamer then it would be good to keep a close eye on the new games in development. Some of these competitive games can have a massive eSports potential, as it’s player engagement and excitement that plays a crucial role here. In other words, if there is a new major contender in the making, then that could be a good opportunity for investment.

Streaming Platforms 

ESports is also closely tied to streaming, and these events are usually live on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Now, these are already big companies with pricy stocks, so if you wish to take an alternative strategy you might want to look into betting operators.

Lots of betting and gambling operators offer wagers on eSports and some of them also cover these events. You can go over popular casino sites and see if some of them are on trade stock websites. A good place to start is to go over the highest payout online casino, given how they are popular among the player base for their fast payment methods. Some of the casinos in this category definitely offer eSports betting options, in addition to slots and other casino games. So, you can see if you can buy their stocks. 

Hardware Companies

Big eSports competitions attract a lot of sponsors, who are mostly hardware companies. They use the opportunity to advertise their headphone sets, mouses, keyboards, etc. Some famous sponsor names include – Razer, Turtle Beach, Roccat (acquired by Turtle Beach), Logitech, and Microsoft. So, if you are more of a hardware buff, this could be an ideal eSports stock investment category for you.


To sum up, there are lots of investment opportunities in the eSports domain, and they are not limited only to gaming enthusiasts. You can also lookup different apps that allow you to place your investments in a quick and easy way. It’s how most people tend to handle their investing activities nowadays, and if you are good at this you can even create your own portfolio. Videos on how to decide where to invest tend to be popular so it can be a nice side-hustle for you to become a content creator. 

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