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10 September 2021

(Twelve) 12 Minutes: The Best Adventure Game


The 12 minutes tale is reduced to its core. It is spare in length and size, almost entirely within an apartment for one bedroom. However, this smallness’s narrative and mechanical crowds pay off regularly throughout 12 minutes, six-hour periods.

At the beginning of the game, its unidentified protagonist is riding to the elevator. A quick tutorial is a corridor between the loudspeaker and the apartment door, strangely carpeted from the Shining’s Overlook Hotel in the fall. It’s a simple method to traverse the top-down game and discover a fake rock on the ground floor outside the apartment. 12 minutes are mechanically rich because they depend on this type of old-school adventure that promotes creative thinking. There are not many items in the flat, but they may frequently be funny and surprisingly mixed.

Further in 12 minutes, his wife, who put some false candles, made dessert, and wrapped the clothes, received our protagonist inside the apartment. It’s a beautiful night, but outside, there’s a storm building. This weather occurrence, which will be noted by your character when you interact with any of the windows in the apartment, is an appropriate metaphor for a turn that will bring your enjoyable evening.

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A mystery man appears at the door and claims to be a policeman during supper. You may either allow him in or expect him to kick the door. He will go inside your home, bound you both with flex magnets, and kill you regardless of what you do. After that, you resume the cycle and stumble inside your apartment, lighted up brightly for that romantic meal that you will never end in 12 minutes.

12 Minutes

The apartment is so, as it is fictitious that it consists of four rooms: a principal living area, including a kitchen, a dining room, and a living area, a bedroom, a bathroom, a wardrobe, and a small living room. The apartment is unusually fancy. Some items seem helpful, like a knife and a bottle of sleeping tablets in the bathroom. But most of them reside in a fascinating grey region.

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12 minutes’ usage of lights contributes to this sensation. The bedroom may be brilliantly lighted at one time. Go back, and the room went black and the tones of the night blues. She’s drenched in an ugly red afterward. This momentum helps to sell the notion that there are multitudes in this little area. Just as new hues are exposed under changing light, so are shades of this narrative. They have been in the 12 minutes loop but can only be found by turning your head in a different direction, concentrating your view on a dusty and neglected spot.

12 Minutes

The performances by McAvoy, Ridley, and Dafoe have similar hues. This famous lineup contributed to the interest of this small game. Yet, the Hollywood actors never seem like a distraction, and their outstanding performances impress the game in an unforeseen manner. McAvoy has plenty to accomplish as a protagonist, and in the face of unprecedented occurrences, he sells his character’s despair a delicate task. The tale takes a surprise turn as McAvoy vends his protagonist’s inner suffering, yet he hits the light notes he needs at a lesser point.

Similarly, Ridley delivers the shock and wrath of her character and is humorous when the script asks. Though his performance also has depths that are progressively shown throughout an action, Dafoe is believed to be threatening. It’s genuine moments of grief and tragedy. The three might easily have seemed like stunt casting, yet each offers a true dedication to the material.

You may have noticed no names on any of these characters. Although the invader and the woman are characters, they must be played against other objects, utilized to break the time circuit. Consequently, the history takes several turns to feel a bit sophisticated, as if developer Luis Antonio were dealing with small toys in a small toy box.


12 Minutes

The trio of characters can only take several permutations, and as a consequence, I have muddled myself up to the stunning disturbances on the way to the climax. That said, the voyage is worth taking, but the landing may be quite temblors. 12 minutes further restrict Spector’s scope and uncover a rich vein for storytelling and interactivity. The game might last twelve minutes, but I wanted to remain for a lot, a lot longer.

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