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Best Action Games 2021 (PS)

What distinguishes action games from sports video games? Is there a swarm of bombs going off? What excellent weapons do you have? Protagonists, who aren’t afraid to say what they think? Are there elaborate set pieces? Maybe it’s a combination of all of those things, and the greatest PS4 action games can provide just that.

Because “action video games” may include many distinct subgenres, we went through more than 200 games to find you the best ones on the PS4 despite the expansive definition.

As you’ll see below, a wide range of styles is represented here, proving that the most incredible action games on the PS4 aren’t just about mindless destruction. Above all else, they’re a blast to play.

Best Adventure Games 2021 (PC)

Earth Defense Force 5:

Earth Defense Force 5 (Action Games)

The Earth Defense Force series has always been a great illustration of how bizarre things can become when Japanese creators develop. Defend Earth against waves of gigantic insects and robots as a member of Earth Defense Force. That’s all there is to it. There’s a backstory there, but it’s superfluous. When the PlayStation 4 version of the series came out, it stayed that way.

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Even though the gameplay has changed a little since the series debuted on the PS2, it’s still about taking on gigantic ants, spiders, humanoid robots, and UFOs in urban, rural, and underground settings. When you reach Earth Defense Force 5, you’ll have a sizable array of weaponry at your disposal, each with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. It’s the kind of game you can play for hours on end without thinking about anything else. It’s much easy to lose track of time when you’re playing with a buddy.

Gravity Rush 2:

Gravity Rush 2

Grasp the visual splendor of Gravity Rush 2. Even though Gravity Rush 2’s design has been nominated for an award for its excellent use of cel-shading, the game doesn’t simply depend on aesthetic appeal. Gravity-based controls have been improved with three new gravity types included in Team Gravity’s follow-up to the first game.

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Gravity Rush 2 sees the return of Kat from the first game. Following on from the previous game’s events, Gravity Rush 2 brings players back to well-known locales while also vastly expanding the world by 2.5 times its size. Players may use Kat’s gravity abilities to protect themselves against the Nevi, solve puzzles, and visit the floating districts as they want as they play her role. While Gravity Rush 2 is one of the console’s finest PS4 action games, it’s also an overall top-tier title. In addition, it’s criminally underappreciated.

Dead Cells:

Dead Cells

Dead Cells, developed by Motion Twin, is a perfect fusion of Roguelite and Metroidvania gameplay elements. Using an assortment of weapons and special attacks, players fight through a randomly constructed castle filled with monsters.

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The emphasis of Dead Cells is on improving your character’s abilities and weaponry, which allows you to explore the world’s ever-changing landscape. To find secret chambers and passageways, you’ll need to master your weaponry, as well as deal with a swarm of mysterious foes. Over 90 weapons and talents, four unique powers, and the odd rage-quit were all part of Dead Cells’ first launch pitch to potential players. Motion Twin’s decision to test players with permadeath has a steep learning curve for the game’s thirteen stages and four monsters.

Best Fighting Games 2021 (PS)

Kingdom Hearts III:

Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix’s Kingdom Hearts franchise has delighted Disney and Final Fantasy fans for 17 years. There are many aspects of this game that will appeal to adults, despite its appearance as a kid’s game with its primary conflict between light and dark and the central concept of friendship.

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For example, the heroic three of Sora, Donald, and Goofy return in Kingdom Hearts III after a 14-year sabbatical after the second installment. Although the series’ trademark fighting has been more approachable, the game’s gameplay is still a combination of action and strategy. In this action RPG, button bashing won’t get you very far, particularly as the Heartless get more powerful and your adversaries more ruthless.

With new Disney and Pixar characters from Frozen to Toy Story to Monster’s, Inc., Kingdom Hearts III is one of the greatest PS4 action games, even if the wait was a little excessive. As a bonus, it’s one of the few games on our list appropriate for players of all ages.

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